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Kate Foley, Fitness First Willoughby Platinum

“I’ve worked in the Fitness First Willoughby Platinum crèche since the doors opened 13 years ago. Kids can come to us from 6 weeks old up until aged 12. It’s lovely when I’ve known them for that whole length of time, and seen them grow up. I’ve lived in Willoughby for almost 30 years since my son was born. I’ve been involved in childcare locally for that whole time – it’s such a nice way to get to know people and families. I also coached baseball for 10 years. I love being part of the community and seeing familiar faces at the shops. The kids from here always ask me where my black shirt is! Here at the gym we deal with mother guilt a lot – I always tell them if you’re happier in your head, you’ll be a better parent. It’s good for the kids too; they socialise and play and enjoy their own space. Plus if anything happens you’re in the same building. I feel like we’re doing some good in that way. Over the years I’ve noticed technology intruding in every aspect of life. I have three granddaughters – I always tell them to pick a career that a computer can’t take over. There’s no computer that could come in and understand kids the way that I do. There’s no technology for that. But kids are still kids – simple, straightforward and honest. They either love you or hate you and don’t mind telling you so. And either way, you probably deserve whichever you get. I get told I’m bossy a lot, and I am! But I also get lots of kids telling me they love me.”  (Photo: Simon Ward)