About Willoughby Living

The Willoughby Living Facebook Group began in 2015 for the Willoughby City area and quickly grew to thousands of members. Now an online forum for anyone living, working or spending time on the Lower North Shore, it has become a place where the community can connect to share information in order to make the most out of this fantastic part of the world.

Since the Group began, countless local businesses have been recommended and reputable tradespeople put forward, many missing pets and items have been located, great local activities have been discovered, generous donations have been made to local charities, and members have gotten to know other community members and uncovered lots of local hidden gems. There has also been local insights, beautiful images, news items and helpful information posts.

The desire to preserve all of this great information, along with the positive feedback and rapid growth of the group, convinced the Admins – Naomi Sheriff and Bianca Horwitz – that a website was a logical and exciting next phase for community engagement. Launched in the summer of 2017, the Willoughby Living website contains a lot of what the Group’s members have been generous enough to share about our local community – plus much more:


Naomi and Bianca were colleagues in the magazine industry in the early 2000s. Both are experienced content creators who have worked in journalism, editing and publishing for many years. They reconnected after both settled in Willoughby with their young families.

With a shared passion for their local area, and a belief that local living could be improved by connecting the community to share information, they formed The Living Collective.

The Living Collective now has a combined following of over 250,000 – and continues to grow rapidly!


All feedback, suggestions and amendments welcome. Please feel free to get in contact.