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Forty years on, family business Scuderia Cortese is still going strong servicing top-of-the-line European vehicles. Car enthusiasts will love this insider’s look at the local mechanic business known as the top shop for Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and more…

Scuderia Cortese is owned by Italian-born Bartolo Cortese. The business thrives on his team’s technical expertise with European cars which require a special set of skills and tools for maintenance and repair. In the past forty or so years, they’ve worked with anything from your standard passenger vehicles like Toyotas and Mazdas as well as the more prestigious Italian, German, French and English cars.

Bartolo’s fascination for mechanical engineering began at a young age thanks to all the toy trucks and cars his mum gifted him.

“I wanted to take the cars apart and understand how they worked, how each of the parts moved. I was always curious,” Bartolo explains.

It’s this curiosity that carried on to his teenage and adult years. He started a course in mechanical technology in Italy when he was 16, focusing on European vehicles such as Fiats, Alfa Romeos and Mercedes.

Bartolo then moved to Australia as head technician for Eurocars from 1968 to 1978. During this time, customers would frequently ask him when he’d open his own shop for them to bring their cars to. That’s how Scuderia Cortese was born.

“I chose the name Scuderia because it means ‘stable’ in Italian which is where racing horses are kept before their race. This ties perfectly into how we are working with performance and motorsport – the ‘stable’ is our workshop.”

Bartolo’s passion for high-end cars hasn’t waned. “We deal with many cars, but Ferraris and Lamborghinis have a special place in our hearts here at Scuderia Cortese – they are a part of our heritage and the history of Italian auto and motorsports – there’s no better feeling than when we’re working on them.”

Why the lower North Shore?

It was only natural for Bartolo to open his shop in Artarmon where he’s lived for 52 years, and most of his customers are based around the area. However, they do have people coming from all around the country to get mechanical work done in their workshop thanks to their Motorsport arm.

Today, Scuderia Cortese also services performance-related jobs beyond its more traditional mechanical work.

“I am very excited to take our performance expertise to both classic and modern cars,” Bartolo says. He believes it’s their knowledge, honesty and family-friendly vibe that’s made their success and expansion possible.

So if you spot a beautiful European car in the area with its motor purring – you know where it likely had it’s last tune up!

Contact details

Address: 51 Sawyer Lane Artarmon, NSW 2064
Phone:(02) 8866 5366
Website: https://www.scuderiacortese.com/
Facebook:  facebook.com/scuderiacortese


Scuderia Cortese has also been nominated as a finalist in the North Shore Local Business Awards!! You can learn more and vote here: