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Anna Paling, Barista, Dose Espresso

“I’ve been making coffee for nine years but I’d call myself a barista for the past seven years. When I finished school I did a hospitality management course and one of the classes was coffee. I just loved it. I’ve been at Dose for three years now. I really like working here – it’s cool, nice peeps. There’s a hot mix of everything here in terms of orders, but mainly cappuccinos and lattes. Occasionally people ask for their coffee extra hot but they shouldn’t – it changes the flavours. You need to aim for 62-65 degrees. I work here full time Tuesday to Saturday. I really love making coffee; I even have a coffee tattoo. I love drinking so much coffee that you get a bit crazy. A few too many in a short period of time – four would do it. I drink black coffee. Short black is the way to go, although if I was having a coffee date I’d order a long black. I really like working with Gabriel coffee which we use here. Each month they mix up a different single origin – it’s cool to try different things. We try to educate our customers who drink black coffee – they’re usually genuinely interested. The industry standard now is to use a much lighter roast. It’s acidic and different.”

Photo: Simon Ward