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arnies recon

Westfield Chatswood is partnering with one of their 2021 Westfield Local Heroes, Arnies Recon, to host a complimentary electronics and appliances recycling collection on Thursday 1st  December. Customers, local residents, local schools and offices are encouraged to participate.

Arnies Recon collect all electronic equipment and appliances – from computers and phones to cameras and calculators and organise secure, sustainable recycling and destruction.

Drive-in drop off location: P4 Green Carpark off Victor Street
Walk-in drop off location: Concierge desk, level 3 near Nando’s
Drop off times: 11am – 2pm

Who are Arnies Recon?

When your electronic assets are ready for an upgrade, Arnies Recon provide secure, sustainable recycling and destruction. They are a local organisation run by Lisa and Adrian Saunders.

Arnies Recon makes it easy and simple for everyone to keep their old equipment out of landfill. Their holistic approach includes all electronics, electrical equipment and appliances.

Their pickup and recycling service is complimentary.

Arnies Recon processes comply with international guidelines and standards and are aligned to the Australian National Waste Scheme 2019 and the United Nations Sustainability Goals.

arnies recon

When is the collection day at Westfield Chatswood?

Thursday, 1 December between 11am and 2pm.

Where is the collection point and what is the best route to get there?

The main collection point will be on level P4 of the Westfield Carpark accessible via Victor Street. There will be clear signage directing you to the Collection point.

There will be a second collection point for walk-ins located in the Centre at the Customer Service Desk on Level 3, near Nandos.

What items can I bring?

Arnies Recon will collect computers; laptops; computer parts; cameras; camera lenses and accessories; video cameras; hard drives; cables and wires; monitors; mobile phones; iPads; gameboys; computer games; game consoles and peripherals; video cameras; tablets; TVs; tools; small kitchen appliances; sewing machines; overlockers; old radios.

What items can’t I bring?

Arnies Recon cannot take rear-projection TVS, fridges, freezers, stoves, ovens, range hoods, barbecues and office photocopiers at this time. Stoves, ovens and range hoods often have residual food and/or grease and so are a bio-hazard.

What do Arnie’s Recon do with the items collected?

Given the best form of recycling is reuse, Arnies Recon aims to repurpose items collected. This is achieved several ways including giving items to collectors or individuals who refurbish, disassembling items and selling individual parts, donating items for use in community projects, metal recovery and recycling.

What if some of my items are not accepted on the day?

Only items specified in the above list will be accepted for collection.

Will there be any charge for the service?

100% free recycling. The drop off and recycling is a complimentary service available to members of the public.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Westfield Chatswood offers 2 hours free parking and 4 hours free parking if you are a Westfield Plus Member.
Not a member yet? Download the free app today.

I can’t make this collection date, when is the next collection date?

Any future dates will be communicated on the Westfield website. In the interim, you can visit www.arniesrecon.com to arrange a pick-up or drop off.