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As the days get longer and warmer, those of us with pools are getting ready to spend some serious time beside them! We speak to a long-time pool expert – David Cameron from Poolwerx Roseville – about how we can keep our pools in peak condition over the summer months.

Heading into summer, what is the number one issue you see pool owners having after a long winter of non-use?

I like to say ‘You need the right equipment, doing the right job’

Our top issue right now is equipment repair – this is the time of year to perform some simple tests to look for problems.  

Look for leaks, check clock timers, clear acid and chlorine feed tubes, and test water.  Little parts make a big difference so repairing or replacing those parts now can prevent problems.

Remember last summer?  Many pools had trouble after floods, then storms with power outtages, then ash and high temperatures.  No-one wants to be working on their pool all summer, we want to relax and enjoy it the most on the hottest days!  

What are some of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy pool?

A healthy pool means healthy water – keeping just the right balance of minerals and chemicals. So in summer you do need to check and test the pool more often, but you don’t need to work harder!

We recommend testing the water every week AND if the water level goes way up or way down!  After heavy rain or a storm – test again. After really hot days when the water and chemicals evaporate into thin air – test again.

Frequent testing means you can keep the water sanitised, your can keep it clear and get rid of algae and phosphates quickly. And right now it couldn’t simpler – our Poolwerx Roseville store provides a comprehensive water test in 60 seconds – for free. And we’re open seven days this summer.

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What do you suggest if people are thinking about refurbishing their pool, or installing a new pool?

Talk to your friends who have a pool and ask them about features that they love – or regret!  Over the last 10 years, the design of pools and equipment has changed considerably. Better landscape design, conserving water and energy-efficient equipment to name a few!

Get quotes from four different pool builders.  Start getting quotes in March/April so that you can start construction in winter.

Once you have a design, please visit us at Poolwerx Roseville.  We can offer you a different perspective to your builder because we look at the whole life of the pool…years and years into the future.  Our team at Poolwerx can advise how to maintain your pool simply, with robotic cleaners and automatic water testing systems.  We can save you thousands of dollars with energy-efficient equipment and the perfect pool blanket.  

When it comes to chlorine or saltwater – DEFINITELY SALT!  Most people love the feeling of swimming in salt rather than chlorine.  A salt water system not only uses less chlorine; it uses less acid and less chemicals overall.

Now though, there is an even better third choice called mineral salts.  Natural minerals like magnesium salts don’t just sanitise the water – they make it feel incredible. The water is kept clear and sparkling but, best of all your hair and skin feels soft and silky.

What can locals expect from your Poolwerx store in Roseville?

Friendly staff and a free water test!

We obviously have a full range of pool chemicals, equipment, spare parts and more. But most of all we’d love you to visit our new store to meet the team.  My team has been servicing pools in this area for over eight years and I’m confident we can help with your pool maintenance or repair this summer.

Look forward to meeting you soon,

David Cameron, Poolwerx Roseville

Poolwerx Roseville
27 Babbage Road Roseville
(02) 9417 1588
Website: www.poolwerx.com.au/locations/nsw/poolwerx-roseville