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The Sydney Seahorse Project is inviting the public to witness the release of baby seahorses back into the wild at Balmoral. This is the first time the public can be part of this exciting event!

The upcoming baby seahorse release at Balmoral marks a significant milestone in Sydney Seahorse Project’s ongoing efforts to conserve the endangered White’s Seahorse. Habitat loss and extreme weather events have severely impacted these delicate creatures in Sydney Harbour and Port Stephens.

White’s baby seahorses being released into a seahorse hotel. Image: SIMS

The Sydney Seahorse Project is a collaboration between SIMS, the University of Technology Sydney, and the NSW Department of Primary Industries. SIMS, located in the historic buildings at Chowder Bay and Georges Heights in Mosman, houses a dedicated breeding program for White’s seahorses. Here, scientists meticulously create the perfect conditions for these delicate creatures to thrive, ultimately aiming to repopulate their dwindling wild populations.

Back in February, the project took another innovative step by installing special “seahorse hotels” in Balmoral. These clever structures mimic natural seahorse habitats, providing much-needed shelter and breeding grounds. The hotels are now teeming with a variety of marine life, creating a vibrant ecosystem ideal for the incoming baby seahorses.

The installation of a seahorse hotel at Balmoral. Image: SIMS

Following the Balmoral release, the project has plans to release more seahorses into Gamay (Botany Bay) in collaboration with the Gamay Rangers Traditional Owners.

Local scuba divers are encouraged to participate in monitoring the released seahorses by submitting photos via iNaturalist. These images will provide valuable data on how the seahorses are adapting to their new home.

Earlier this month, the Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, Minister for the Environment and Water took part in the release of 100 White’s seahorses into Mosman’s Chowder Bay. The Project is supported by a $359,000 investment from the Government’s $24 million Saving Native Species program.

Endangered White’s seahorse (Hippocampus whitei).

An endangered White’s Seahorse has been discovered at Cockatoo Island for the first time ever, thanks to a project funded by the government. It is the furthest up Sydney Harbour that a White’s Seahorse has been recorded, in a positive sign that there could be even more.

By combining cutting-edge science, community involvement, and creative solutions like seahorse hotels, the project is paving the way for a future where these creatures can once again thrive in Sydney’s underwater world. This public event is a chance to celebrate their progress and become part of the solution. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a piece of marine conservation history in the making.

Space for the Balmoral event is limited, so head over to the Sydney Seahorse Project website to secure your spot.‌

The Sydney Seahorse Project Release

Wednesday 12th June, 2024

Time: 10am

Where: Balmoral Beach

To book: www.events.humanitix.com/sims-super-seahorse-release-balmoral



Image credits: SIMS, Tom Burd.