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We’re all aware we share the leafy lower North Shore with some amazing wildlife – but some encounters are getting a bit too close for comfort!

First it was a snake at the beach, then in the mailbox, and now a Mosman resident’s son has found a baby snake inside their Aldi cos lettuce bag!!!

When Lesley Kuhn shared the incredible news with the community via a post in our sister Group Mosman Living, members were aghast (and the media quickly picked up on the story and went nuts over it).

“Last night my son found this baby white headed snake in with the packaged baby cos lettuce he purchased from Aldi. Make sure you check packed lettuce carefully!” wrote Lesley.

WIRES were called in to deal with the snake and identified it as a pale headed snake, which is mildly venomous. Apparently ALDI is just as surprised at the find and is checking in to how it occurred. However, snakes popping up in suburbia isn’t that unusual in Sydney’s leafy North Shore. The startling ALDI lettuce find comes not long after Sydney Wildlife Rescuer Michael Quinnell shared this post in WL with an image from a mailbox in Waverton.

“You’ve got mail 😳” – Michael Quinnell shared in his post. 

The snake was called in to Sydney Wildlife Rescue mistakenly as a red belly black but quickly identified as a golden crown. Wedged and stuck, Michael had to dismantle the whole mailbox before releasing the thankfully uninjured snake into the backyard.

Locals will no doubt recall a few other occasions where snakes have caused a scene. It was not that long ago that a Diamond Python was discovered sunning itself on the sand at Balmoral Beach!

And business owner Suzanne France shared one of our favourite snake posts of all time when she relayed that she’d found a large diamond python in her eyebrow studio at McMahon’s Point.

“I arrived at my business The Eyebrow Studio to prepare for my busy day of creating beautiful brows to be greeted by this magnificent creature! He was casually laying on my rug when I walked in! It was really quite funny because he lifted his head and looked at me as if to say ‘what are you doing here?’ Thankfully the snake man came and took him away to be released somewhere more appropriate! You may also like to know he picked up 17 snakes from peoples homes in CBD the day before. Please don’t let this put you off coming to get some new brows as I can’t imagine I could be so lucky ever again!”
So if you see a snake with beautiful brows in the area you know which one of our featured friends it was – and don’t forget to check your Aldi lettuce bags!!!
If you need help for sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife please CALL the Rescue Line on (02) 9413 4300. The rescue line operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 
If you need a snake removed from your property, you can call Snakes in the City on on 0411103488

Stay tuned for more suburban snake stories from Snakes in the City.