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Piping hot noodles. Rich tonkotsu broth. Sliced chāshū.

There’s nothing better than a bowl of ramen on a cold night. Lucky then, that the North Shore has a solid selection of slurp-worthy ramen joints. From the classic tonkotsu broths at Ryo’s in Crows Nest to the inventive creations at Sou Ramen Lab in North Sydney, there’s a perfect version for everyone.

Let us know if we’ve missed any, and we’ll keep updating the list. If you’ve got something to add, please email us at willoughby@thelivingcollective.com.au.

New Yaminishi

Our readers are very familiar with New Yaminishi’s old digs on Willoughby Road. When it closed down local foodies could be seen seasoning their final bowl of Oxtail Ramen with their own salty tears.

A cheer was heard across the lower North Shore when news broke on our Facebook page that New Yaminishi had opened on Falcon St – with a very familiar and much-missed menu item, the Oxtail Ramen. The reason it’s so special? It’s served in a beef and chicken broth where the wagyu oxtail has been slow cooked for six hours.

If you want to stray from ramen (you’re mad), don’t go past the phenomenal wagyu beef and salmon tacos or Tempura Kingfish Bao. Think crispy coated fish on pillowy bao with fresh lime and coriander.

But back to the ramen, it was in so high demand earlier this year the team added a mini oxtail ramen ($18) to the menu.

So in short, go for the Oxtail Ramen.

New Yaminishi

Address: 98 Falcon St, Crows Nest

Opening hours:

Monday, Thursday & Friday: 5:30–9:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 11:30 am–2 pm and 5:30–9:30 pm

Website: Please make reservations online by clicking here

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/newyamanishi/

Ryo’s Noodles

Often topping the list of best ramen joints in Sydney is Ryo’s Noodles. Ryo is the chef responsible for bringing ramen to our city back in 2003. And if you’ve ever driven up Falcon St at opening time (or throughout their service), you will recognise the distinctive orange shopfront and the long line of patrons waiting for a seat at this tiny but mighty authentic restaurant.

Ryos Noodles

125 Falcon Street, Crows Nest

Lunch (11:40am – 2:00pm)

Dinner (5:00pm – 8:30pm)


Ramen Auru

One of the newer kids on the block, Ramen Auru is already a favourite among Crows Nest locals. Situated above their sister restaurant, Yakitori Yurripi, stop by Ramen Auru for a late night bowl of deliciousness after enjoying a drink on the top level of this establishment.

Diners will be very excited to try the ramen ticket vending machine, where you can choose from bespoke sides, toppings and drinks. It’s less of a vending machine (it doesn’t drop down noodle soup), and more of an ordering system for the kitchen to deliver bespoke piping hot broth and rich tonkotsu ramen.

Level 2, 6-8 Falcon Street, Crows Nest


Manpuku Ramen

The Manpuku team aren’t messing around with their broths. The house-made Torigara chicken broth is a slow-simmered for seven hours with selected chicken bones and more than fifteen ingredients to ensure the full flavour of the chicken is extracted. They add tiny amounts of pork for a unique depth of flavour and their chefs control the delicate temperature of broth, which is what gives it a golden clear look.

And if you thought a seven-hour process for the chicken broth, the Tonkotsu broth takes three-days. It’s a rich, meaty depth of flavour that’s hard to find outside of Japan! For the non-meat eaters, there are soy-based vegetable and miso-based broths to choose from.

The ramen toppings are elevated here too, from house-made charred garlic and seared chashu pork belly to nitamago marinated eggs and deep fried enoki mushroom.

There’s a solid selection of Japanese beers, sake, and Kurayoshi and Yamazakis  whiskeys too.

Manpuku Ramen

  • 226 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood
  • 197 Military Rd, Neutral Bay


Weekdays: 11:30am-9pm (3-5pm closed)

Weekend: 11:30am-9pm


Hakatamon Ramen

Hakatamon Ramen specialise in Hakata-style ramen, known for its thin noodles and rich pork bone broth. It’s made with simple fresh ingredients, just like you’d find on the streets of Japan. Their ethos is no shortcuts, no trends, no substitutes, no fusion, no gimmicks – only traditional delicious food.

Hakatamon lets you choose from a variety of toppings like tender chashu pork, burnt garlic oil, marinated soft-boiled eggs, and spicy Szechuan chili oil. The team run a limited-time menu which includes the super-popular Bonito Shoyu Tonkatsu version with tonkotsu broth, shoyu, dried bonito and thick frizz noodles.

Hakatamon Ramen

Address: 1/475 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood

Website: https://www.ramenmanpuku.com/chatswood 

Ramen Zundo

In 2012, Ramen Zundo opened their first ramen shop in World Square and quickly becoming a cult restaurant among ramen fans. Their Chatswood location didn’t take long to achieve the same status!

Hiroki, the owner, hand-selected the most popular ramen in Japan and was the first to bring it to East Sydney in the early 2010s.

With four broths to choose from it’s hard to go past the signature Tonkotsu Broth, simmered for over 16 hours from pork bones or the Black Garlic Tonkotsu Broth, infused with a special mar oil made from garlic and onions. And the handmade noodles – a standout.

Ramen Zundo

Address: Chatswood Place R11 260 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood

Website: https://www.ramenzundo.com/top

Sou Ramen Lab

Situated on Walker St, Sou Ramen Lab is popular with workers seeking out a hot noodles during their lunch hour. The broths here are also no stranger to slow-cooking.  Their Ramen Master stocked is simmered over 20-hours to develop a rich, meaty flavour.

Here you’ll discover some more inventive ramen flavours like the often-sold out Cold Brewed Kyoto Dashi Dried Anchovy Ramen and our personal fave, the Black Garlic & Chili Chicken Ramen.

If you’re seeking a small snack or eating out with the Under 12s set, you’ll be glad to find the Kids Shoyu Chikin Ramen with a clear broth, white-cut chicken and fresh corn ($11.90). If that doesn’t please, there is Japanese curry and rice ($6), yummy Chashu Rice with flame-torched pork ($6) or Karaage Chicken Rice bowl ($6).

Sou Ramen Lab

Shop 5/141 Walker St, North Sydney


Mon-Fri 10-3pm. Last orders 2:30pm



Our Lane Cove readers would have our heads if we didn’t include Kosuke! A popular spot along the main drag, diners at this cosy authentic diner can sit and watch the skilled chefs preparing dishes while they unwind with a Japanese beers or warm up with a miso soup.

At Kosuke, they specialise in Tokyo-style noodles and Ton-Tori-Ramen. Expect rich pork and chicken broth with shoyu-based sauce, which you can customise with more spice or black oil (charred garlic, onion and sesame). The Yuzu Tontori is a popular option with kosune sauce and yuzu juice topped with yuzu pepper paste, half-egg, two kinds of pork chashu and shallots.     

The limited Tsukemen is another popular option with dried fish in a pork and chicken broth served with a sour soy dipping soup and house made noodles. The note on the menu reminds hungry diners that this one takes 15 minutes to prepare and up to 30 minutes when its busy.


2 Austin Street, Lane Cove

Open: Tues-Sat: 11:30-2:30pm and 5-8:30pm.


Main image: Ramen Auru 

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