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North Sydney Council is calling all kids to play the favourite game ‘I Spy’ and then create an artwork around it – it’s the perfect creative COVID-safe activity that involves the whole community!!

If the game of I Spy is a family favourite, you’ll love this special project for local kids. North Sydney Council is creating an online art exhibition on Instagram of artworks around this theme. Children aged 4-12 are invited to play the game, then create an artwork and submit their work digitally.

“Play I Spy with my Little Eye with us! Popular guessing game turned into a community art project – I Spy with my Little Eye invites children aged 4 to 12 years old to show us the world through their eyes. Children and families are encouraged to play I Spy with my Little Eye and then express their unique worldview through a creative medium of their choice – it could be a painting, photograph, piece of music, dance routine, poem or something else entirely!”

North Sydney Mayor Jilly Gibson said she was excited to see the remarkable creativity and resilience of children on display. “Children have an honest and inventive perspective on our daily lives. I Spy with My Little Eye is a timely children’s art project – serving as a great opportunity for families to talk about the changing world around them. I am excited to peek into our children’s extraordinary minds expressed through art. Stop and look at the world around you, get creative, join in the fun and share your children’s creativity with us.”

Artworks will be added to an online exhibition on Instagram www.instagram.com/ispyarts and YouTube bit.ly/ispyarts gradually as they are received and will be viewable until 30 November.

Further details on I Spy with My Little Eye, including an Education Kit for families and how to make a submission, can be found at www.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/ispyarts Submissions will be taken digitally until 31 October.