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people over 90

Hi, there I live in Middle Cove and am finally completing interviews of people living life going about day-to-day activities who are over the age of 90. Do you know anyone wishing to be interviewed? I'll also submit the film series to Willoughby Living to screen as well. Thank you in advance

Contact Name: Alan

Contact Details: alan@storyfirstfilms.com.au


Petition to remove the $2.50 reservation fee at Willoughby City libraries. A library is intended to be a free, educational, community resource which should be equally accessible for all community members. A library is a public, council resource which is paid for by local residents in their rates and therefore you shouldn't have to pay for this service again. Please have you say by filling out the form below: https://www.haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au/draft-ops-plan-2021-22

Contact Name: Greta Parker

Contact Details: gretaparker6@gmail.com

Looking for volunteers

Do you know someone who is 60 years or older? Or are you 60 years or older? Are you interested in how you work together in stressful situations? The Department of Psychology at Macquarie University is conducting research on how adults communicate and solve problems with the people closest to them. If you would like more information about eligibility and what is involved, please contact me at courtney.muir1@students.mq.edu.au or call me at (02) 9850 8670. Thank you

Contact Name: Courtney Muir

Contact Details: courtney.muir1@students.mq.edu.au


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