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Last year a certain bony resident captured the imaginations and hearts of many in the local area. This year WL members followed the romance of Cecil and Cecilia culminating in a Halloween wedding! In case you missed any of the action, with thanks to the talented Luty family, here is the love story of Cecil…


Cecil Spotted on a Mission to Shape Up!

Everyone’s favourite skeleton hit the Willoughby Living newsfeed for the first time in 2019 with reports he was trying to get into shape – and the first hint of the possibility of a future romance was mentioned…

“Well well well…. look who it is! After several months of hibernation Cecil the skeleton was spotted putting on some lean muscle and getting a hard core workout at a La BumBarre class at Pilates Works in North Sydney on Sunday morning. Makes me wonder why such a skinny guy would be working out so hard? Is he getting ready for the onslaught of Halloween treats coming his way? Maybe he’s trying to get in shape and impress some lovely lass? Or maybe he’s trying to fix that nasty rotator cuff injury with some strength training. Only time will tell I suppose…”


Cecil Cools Off

It seems Cecil found it hard to commit to his exercise routine and many wondered if these commitment issues were why he was yet to find love…

“Well dear old Cecil was noticeably absent from his LaBumBarre class at Pilates Works this morning and when I got home this is how I found him. I’m not sure what you are thinking, but I’m pretty sure he’s trying to send a strong message… #justabitsore #tightmuscles #hottub #epsomsalts #justaskeletonrelaxinginahottub #nothingtoseehere”


Puppy Love

It was soon obvious Cecil was definitely looking for some companionship…

“So the Luty family recently welcomed a new puppy to the household and it looks like Cecil was kind enough to take on crate training duties. Unfortunately the schnauzer is too cunning for poor old Cecil and had plans of her own! I do hope he manages to get out before Halloween!”


Cecil – a Lover of the Arts

Many bumped into Cecil out and about in the community and wondered why a skeleton that was so talented and had such great taste in hats was yet to find love.

“Who knew Cecil was such a fan of the arts!? He literally jumped out of his skin at the thought of visiting the Workshop Arts Centre Open Day on Laurel Street In Willoughby.”


And Then It Happened!

It may not have been the most romantic of beginnings (we won’t speculate on how they met) but we do know…

“Cecil travelled to an exotic location in search of a cheap thrill. Cecilia was looking for a life less ordinary outside of her small town. They were brought together by circumstance.”

Looks like it was love at first fright!!


Cecil Gets a Little Handsy

The two lovebirds were spotted out and about around the area on a succession of dates!

“What an amazing day for the beach! Despite being nowhere near water, Cecil thought Cecilia would love a good dose of Vitamin D. But don’t worry – he made sure to rub lots of sunscreen on her back! Plus he looked super amazing in his budgee smugglers.”


The Relationship Heats Up

Many members of WL were speculating on how fast things were moving when Cecil invited Cecilia over for a homecooked meal – and the sparks were flying.

“Well it looks like the relationship between Cecil and Cecilia is getting hot and steamy! (In the kitchen that is!) I wonder if they cooked enough to share with the rest of us ???”


Romancing the Bone

When rumours of Cecil’s wild past broke we were all left wondering if he would break Cecilia’s heart (wherever it may be).

“Well it seems dear Cecilia has really left an impression on Cecil. We haven’t seen him this smitten since 1984. I mean it’s not everyday a skeleton breaks out the fine china and his best drop of red. He’s got a bit of a dodgy past so let’s hope Cecil can continue to clean up his act.”


The Proposal 

And then the local area went wild with the news!

“WOW! Cecil pops the Big Question. And judging from the size of that monster rock, I’m pretty sure Cecilia said “yes”!”


Bucks and Hens’ Parties

We loved every minute of hearing about the preparations in the lead up to the big day.

“Hmmmm….I think Cecilia and Cecil have very different views on bachelor’s and hens celebrations which would you choose? Pampering or Partying?”

The Wedding Invitation

And finally the invitation of the year went out – and all of WL was invited!!

“On Halloween night be certain to visit – The House That Cecil Built.”


The Halloween Wedding

Everyone agreed that the ceremony was to die for!!! Congratulations to Cecil and Cecilia.

“And that’s a wrap! Thanks to all who stopped by 9 Sugarloaf (aka The Rock) to celebrate the magical union between Cecil and Cecilia.”


With thanks again to Mali, Kolt and the Luty family for sharing Cecil with us!

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