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With Michelle Obama, LeBron James and Kim Kardashian as fans, the Lagree fitness method is taking Australia by storm – and it’s just opened in the city for handy workouts before, during or after work.

Lagree FIT owner, Karen Robbins, has three studios in Sydney offering the unique and sought-after style of fitness. Mosman and Surry Hills have been toning and trimming patrons for the past ten years, and now there’s a new handy studio in the city at 27 Park Street. 

“We have classes before work, after work and during lunch hours,” says Karen. “There are shower facilities onsite so people can fit in a 50-minute class and then go to work. If you’re sitting at a desk all day this is going to help you with posture and core strength so you’re not slouching and reinforcing bad posture issues.”

So what is Lagree FIT? “Well it’s not Pilates,” says Karen, “it’s just different, it’s next level.” The exercise itself is described as being able to truly isolate muscles. “You can’t cheat and take over using your thighs when you are trying to use your glutes, you actually strengthen the muscles you are trying to strengthen.”

The real difference though is in the results people are getting from this method of exercise. “It’s low impact and high results,” confirms Karen. Benefits range from building long lean muscles (without the bulk) while burning fat, injury rehabilitation, improving core strength, posture, balance and flexibility; so it’s no wonder more people are turning to this style of training.

Lagree FIT use innovative ‘Megaformer’ machines, shipped from America—a redesign of the original reformer which offers a slower more controlled movement to avoid using momentum while training. The new city studio has the latest evolution of these machines called EVOs. All Lagree FIT instructors are fully qualified and go through two forms of rigorous Lagree specific training; one where Lagree Fitness representatives from America give extensive face to face instruction. 

While it’s cutting edge and loved by celebs, Lagree FIT is a good fit for everyone, says Karen. Her core philosophy is to create a welcoming environment for anyone who enters the studio. All instructors make it a priority to make sure new people in the studio feel at home there as well. “We want everyone to come in and not only feel like they worked hard, but that they were welcomed and included,” she says.

The city studio opened June 4 and is offering a number of class times. It’s conveniently located close to the QVB and Town Hall, and could easily be part of any city worker’s weekly ritual.

“Anyone can do this,” says Karen, “It’s amazing how quickly your body kicks in, and all your muscles start working the way they are supposed to.”

For more, including class timetables, head to their socials:

Lagree FIT
Website: https://lagreefit.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lagreefit/
Email: info@lagreefit.com.au
Phone: 0411 542 229