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Chef Tomoyuki Matsuya has opened a new restaurant in nearby Gordon called Kame House – a tiny hidden gem that offers mouth-watering dishes crafted with the best ingredients and a very innovative concept.

When Covid saw customers of Chatswood restaurant Choji prevented from dining in during lockdown, Hokkaido-born Chef Tomoyuki Matsuya began crafting exquisite Chirashi boxes influenced and inspired by his daughter’s drawings.

Chirashi boxes are similar to poke bowls but with no sauce. Literally translating to ‘scattered sushi’, chirashi sushi is a box of artisan rice, often with flavours and ingredients mixed through it, topped with ingredients such as raw fish, omelettes and nori.

Working in collaboration with his own daughter, Chef Tomo’s beautiful Chirashi boxed dishes were created to uplift customers through difficult times and provide an unforgettable eating experience in the comfort of their own homes.

kame house
Chef Tomo with his daughter, whose Covid drawings inspired their new venture

As the attention and fanfare surrounding the Chirashi boxes grew, it was clear that the enthusiasm and emotional connection of Chef Tomo’s collaborative creations struck a chord with many. In response to the strong demand, which is still felt today, a Japanese Artisanal Kaisendon experience called Kame House was established in Gordon.

At Kame House, they take rice seriously and go to great lengths to ensure its excellence. Their unique rice blend is exclusively curated for them and imported directly from Japan in refrigerated containers, maintaining the same high standards as in Japan. To further enhance the quality, they cook all of their rice in small batches with soft and purified water (浄水 jyosui).

kame house

They’ve also recently added Osechi (おせち) to the menu – an assortment of colourful dishes put together in unique boxes called jūbako (重箱) which looks like bento boxes. This is typically served and enjoyed during celebrations in Japan – but you can enjoy it any time at Kame House. 

With a menu that also includes kaisendon (thinly sliced, assorted raw seafood called sashimi laid over freshly steamed rice), and an okonomi course (where you choose your own adventure and pace while being served by Chef Tomo himself), Kame House is an impressive venture for foodies and a welcome addition to the North Shore dining scene.


Kame House
729 Pacific Hwy,Gordon
Wednesday – Friday
5:00pm – 9:30pm (Last order)
Saturday and Sunday
11:00 am – 2:30 pm & 5:00pm – 9:30pm (Last order)