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Chatswood OOSH
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Pickup from: Chatswood Public School

If vacancies permit, children from other schools may also access this service.

Chatswood OOSH is a lively hub of activity offering plenty of outdoor space for children to participate in organised sports programs, child directed games or just a friendly game of soccer. Children also utilise the veranda space for handball competitions and other games with their peers.

The indoor area is spacious with room for floor activities, table activities and a kitchen for children to take part in cooking workshops creating many delightful savoury and sweet treats.

Just a short walk from Chatswood Public School, the children see the walk as an enjoyable stroll after their day at school, leading them to an afternoon of being able to spend time with their friends engaging in the many activities on offer.

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02 9777 7845
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Chatswood Oval
Albert Avenue/Orchard Road