Great news for Willoughby Park walkers! A coffee cart has opened up at the Willoughby Park Bowling Club and will cater for all your early morning caffeine requirements.

The Longblack is tucked away at the back of the Bowlo, overlooking the greens and easily accessible from the park using the stairs to the park gate.

Run by Alex and Vanessa, the coffee cart offers a variety of coffees and teas, as well as snacks including Byron Bay cookies, muffins, and a sweet and savoury bakery selection.

The couple had heard the park area was missing a coffee station and hope to be able to work with existing Bowlo customers and locals spending hours at the park to provide a service to the Willoughby community.

Initially they’ll be open Wednesday – Saturday from 6:30am until 2pm, but aim to be open 7 days a week if demand is there.

Following a busy Saturday morning launch over the long weekend, with live music and festivities, Alex and Vanessa hope to be an essential part of a visit to Willoughby Park.

Support local businesses and make all your morning walks powered by caffeine!

The Longblack
Willoughby Bowling Club
13 Robert St, Willoughby
Beside the lower oval of Willoughby Park
Open 6:30am – 2pm Wednesday – Saturday