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Don’t have the grandparents living nearby but wish you did? Lane Cove’s fabulous Mowbray Eatery is the scene of a new Friday catch-up for women of different ages, aimed at providing some intergenerational connections. Here, organiser Karen Paull recaps the first meeting…

“Despite a very wet day, our Intergen initiative began today with three generations present. Karen, with friends Melva and Helen, decided to meet for coffee inviting younger mums to join them. They know what it’s like to have family spread around geographically – with 11 children between them and a number of grandchildren not so close to home. It goes both ways – mums of pre-schoolers can find it very tough going without grandparents close by, while grandparents miss their younger family members too. Intergenerational relationships add a precious dimension to young children’s lives too. So why not bring them together informally and allow relationships across the generations to flourish where they find a natural connection?

Today, we found plenty in common across generations – funny how motherhood doesn’t really change all that much! But we also shared sporting interests, common ground with international relatives, experiencing the sudden jolt from work to full-time motherhood, and stories about our active and adventurous boys! Not to mention some special baby cuddles for the older ladies and some hands-free time for the young mums (especially helpful when you’re searching for a small, dropped boot in the rain!)

We understand the busy and disrupted life of being a mother with young children, so Melva has generously made herself available every Friday from 10.30 am at Mowbray Eatery as the mainstay of the group. Not all of the older generation can come every time either, so just come when you can. However, the concept is to build deeper relationships over time, so the more often you can come, the more that is likely to happen.

Hoping to see you next Friday between 10.30 and 11.30am at Mowbray Eatery, whatever your age.”

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