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Injury and inflammation sufferers are immersing themselves in freezing cold air… with amazing results! Cryospa Clinics in Crows Nest offer the North Shore’s only cryotherapy treatment, plus a range of other healing treatments to improve your wellbeing.

Approximately one in three Australians suffer from a chronic inflammatory disease that create severe health issues and can cause extreme discomfort in their day to day lives. A health and wellness spa in Crows Nest offers a range of treatments aimed at improving the lives of those suffering from bad health. Founder of Cryospa Clinics Mitchell Diamond understands that his services may not offer a cure for inflammatory conditions, but many experts believe they can offer relief and reduce symptoms.

“I’m passionate about making sure that every person who walks through these doors walks out feeling better then they did when they walked in.”

Here are some of the treatments on offer:

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Alex Simon (@godlystrong) – former Australia’s Strongest Man and UFC hopeful

Cryotherapy is a form of hyper-cooling treatment that involves immersing the entire body in freezing cold air for up to three minutes at a time. Athletes, pain sufferers, fitness enthusiasts and even celebrities have embraced cryotherapy, taking advantage of the possible rejuvenating and reparative nature of this effective and non-invasive treatment. The benefits include muscle and joint pain relief, weight loss, rejuvenated and revitalised skin, mental clarity, increased energy and improved sleep quality. You step into a chamber dressed in your underwear, a gown, gloves and socks, then nitrogen mist is used to  cool the cryotherapy chamber down to a chilly -140°C! Each session lasts for up to three minutes, and staff are present with you to adjust levels or help with any queries.

Infrared Sauna

Dominique Letoullec (@dominqueletoullec)

Infrared sauna treatments use infrared lamps instead of conventional heat to penetrate your body tissue, which heats up your body before heating up the air. The treatment is a favourite for people who cannot tolerate the heat of conventional saunas, as the infrared sauna produces far lower temperatures in comparison. Cryospa clients say that an infrared sauna treatment feels like an intense workout, where sweating is intense and your heart rate increased. Benefits include detoxification, relief from sore muscles and joints, weight loss and relaxation.

Himalayan Salt Room

Entertainer Casey Burgess (@caseyaburgess)

Salt is nature’s anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiviral solution – the benefits of salt therapy were originally discovered in Poland in 1843 by a Polish physician who recognised that salt mine workers experienced fewer respiratory problems than others. Salt therapy involves relaxing in a room mimics the natural environment of a real Himalayan salt cave. Cryospa’s salt room is a great place to calm and soothe your mind while enjoying some health benefits. The salt room involves a wet salt treatment, with a saline solution that is nebulised by an ultrasound nebuliser to create very fine salt mists. These fine particles travel into the respiratory tract and are absorbed in the skin to benefit the whole body. Benefits include improved respiratory issues, improved skin conditions, decreased stress and the delivery of supplementary minerals to the body.

This unique health and wellness spa in Crows Nest has a growing legion of fans singing its praises. One such fan is entertainer Casey Burgess (formerly of children’s group Hi-5), who states:

“I have been singing and performing for over 10 years and have struggled lots with having nodules and asthma issues now with the bushfire smoke – I discovered the himalayan salt room at Cryospa and I have been blown away at how much it has helped –  I can feel it helping open up my airways and my sinus and overnight I have amazing results . I feel clearer – calmer and I also find it helps with the chromatherapy (lights) for relaxing as I really struggle with meditation and being still – and I genuinely feel calm, relaxed and much clearer.”

Cryospa Clinics
21 Falcon Street Crows Nest
(02) 8964 7951