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The first Gelato Messina concession store for the local area opened inside Harris Farm Lane Cove recently and just in time for summer!

Lower North Shore residents are the first community to pilot a brand new concept store with what is claimed to be ”Australia’s best gelato” – Gelato Messina, and it’s opened nearby in the incredible new Harris Farm in Lane Cove.

Event though it’s the first store on this side of the Bridge, the gelato powerhouse needs no introduction. Founder Nick Polumbo and his creative team have been scooping weird, wacky and wonderful flavours to the people of Sydney since 2002. They’ve since gained a cult following, particularly with their signature salted caramel and white chocolate, house-made dulce de leche and the vegan chocolate sorbet.

Says Messina HQ of the new Lane Cove store:

“This isn’t your standard Messina store, but a brand new concept centred around convenience and the ultimate dessert haul to stockpile in your freezers. if you’re a cookie and gelato fiend, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a smorgasbord of products for every occasion and emotion.”


Gelato fans will be happy to learn that each day offers a new selection of four rotating freshly churned gelato scoops showcasing signature and special flavours.

But that’s not all… On offer are the following Messina specialties to try:

GRAB ‘N’ GO GELATO: “a range of six pre-packed signature pints, designed to stock in your freezer and eat straight from the tub or on your favourite hot dessert. Available in French Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip, Milk Chocolate, Berries & Cream, Caramel.”

BAVARIAN CREAM PIES: “try all four decorated frozen Bavarian Cream Pies, best eaten defrosted and chilled — Iced Vovo, Malt Chocolate, Lemon Meringue and Tiramisu.”

FROZEN / CHILLED CAKES: “two of our most popular cakes are available, served frozen or chilled — making the perfect centrepiece for a special occasion. Try our Boysenberry Cheesecake and The Slab.”

COOKIE DOUGH: “Cooking not your thing? Take home our cookie dough, bake, and pretend you made yourself. Choose from four flavours: OG Choc Chip, Lemon Macadamia & White Choc, Double Choc, Salted Caramel & Caramelised Choc Chip.”

FAMILY COOKIE PIES: “stock up on our four frozen cookie pies, and bung in the oven when your guests come round. Available in: Fairy Bread, Peanut Butter & Dulce, OG Choc Chip and oozy Messinatella. Best served with a scoop on top.”

PICK ‘N’ MIX CHOCOLATE: “full access to our chocolate Pick ‘n’ Mix range. Inspired by some of our most popular gelato specials, our talented team of in-house chocolatiers make everything by hand at our Sydney factory. View the collection.”

MESSINA MILK: “For the first time outside of our stores, you can buy 1L & 2L Messina Jersey Milk direct from our farm in Numurkah Victoria. Deliciously rich in milk fat, unhomogenised and unadulterated — with cream on top, just the way it should be.”

GELATO ACCESSORIES: “our Chocolate Hazelnut (Messinatella), Waffle Cone and Dulce De Leche spreads are available by the jar as well as waffle cone packs so you can make your own fun in the comfort of your home.”

Plus you can also customise a Cookie Pie! Build-A-Cookie-Pie is “a dedicated station offering customisable family cookie pies, baked fresh on site. Choose your cookie dough, choc chips, filling and topping, it’s hard to get it wrong.”

Messina Concession (scoops & freshly baked cookie pies): 12pm – 9pm

Harris Farm Lane Cove, 56-60 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gelatomessina

Website: https://gelatomessina.com/