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Soulga – Yoga & Healing Center
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“We are all here to experience and enjoy life, but many of us are not as happy as we would like to be.
Explore the healing benefits of yoga, meditation and breath in a tranquil and clean space. Let go of fear, anxiety and stress so that you can move closer towards happiness and fulfilment.
Soulga Yoga & Healing Center has scheduled the Bikram Yoga classes. Future offerings will include: Guided meditation, other styles of yoga, and workshops where you can learn about EFT, Energy, Past Life, Tarot, Chakra clearing, and more…
So often in life, we focus our attention and effort on others. When you step into the Soulga Yoga and Meditation studio, it is YOUR TIME. We encourage our participants to take some time out to focus on themselves and their dreams and goals, and to move toward a happier, healthier YOU, by spending time bringing together your own body, mind and spirit.
Get away from the noise outside and learn how to relax. Do something entirely for yourself.
Wherever you are on your path in life – fit and healthy, or not… There is no judgement here!
If you are looking to make a change, let us guide you.”

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0424 365 171
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Level 1/742 Military Road, Mosman
Wholebeing Health & Meditation
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Wholebeing Health & Meditation takes a holistic approach in addressing client needs through Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Meditation Classes, Bioptron Light Therapy, exercise and diet.

Meditation Classes

The guided meditation sessions with Joshua are direct, practical and simple. A sensation-based, grounded approach to meditation is taught, which most participants can easily relate to. The classes are suitable for all levels of experience.

Classes are free of any religious affiliation and everything is clearly explained without needing to use Eastern terms. There are exercises each week to help integrate the benefits of meditation into the everyday life.

Class sizes are kept small to allow for personal guidance and individual attention. To assist in maintaining an alert attention during the meditation session, we all sit in chairs.

Many participants attend the course multiple times to deepen and reinforce the practise.

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0410 837 273
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Suite 5, 9 Hill St Roseville
One Tao Kung Fu Academy
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One Tao Kung Fu Academy specialises in internal martial arts. We teach One Tao Kung Fu, Internal Wing Chun, Yoga, Meditation and Kung Fu Boxing. We offer these classes to kids, teens and adults.

The difference between internal and external arts, is that our internal approach focuses on balancing the body, using correct biomechanics, energy ‘chi’ work, building a calm and confident mind for longevity and happiness.

Our approach combines practical self defence skills, correct posture, balance, bio mechanics, the use of the energy body (chi body), focus, mindset and intention into a devastating and spiritually uplifting martial art.


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0423 689 254
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1/59 Penshurst St Willoughby