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The Parent Code
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The Parent Code is about building parental self – efficacy and supporting parents understand the educational journey of young people from Year 6 – Year 13. The greatest agents for raising children are their parents and teachers and this protection is most effective when we work together. A variety of small workshops have been specifically designed by educator, Suzanne Kerr, to support parents as their child transitions from year to year. Sharing knowledge about the academic and social journey means parents develop a tool box of skills that will help them navigate the journey of High School. Whether your child is commencing High School or manoeuvring the social expectations of Year 8 or Year 9 or preparing for the academic demands of Year 11 and 12, the workshops of the Parent Code have been purposefully designed to guide parents as they support the education and social development of their child. Parents will engage in conversations that range from; understanding directive terms, scaffolding, time management, frenemies, flipping the lid, setting norms around social media and sleep, and most importantly parents supporting each other. The Parent Code is about relevant, practical and informative conversations.

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33 Penkivil Street Willoughby