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North Shore start up Easy Downsize offers assistance to transition into a new home with support every step of the way, including selling, buying and even decluttering. 

After living in a home for many years we all gather a lot of ‘stuff’. And when you contemplate moving, every part is filled with memories, and often logistical challenges. Easy Downsize, offers a solution for those who might need extra help to execute on a downsizing project.

There are different packages for different levels of support when moving from the family house to a new home. Easy Downsize will coordinate schedules, and work with family members to ensure a smooth transition.

Founder Ewan Le Bourhis describes the service as like having an expert personal assistant guiding and helping when you need it.

“We are able to handle all the physical and mental load from you,” Ewan said.

“We can work directly with the downsizers or with the grown-up children, extended family or carers to make sure everyone has piece of mind and a good idea of the plan.”

Easy downsize Founder Ewan Le Bourhis
Easy Downsize Founder Ewan Le Bourhis

The service has been developed with professional carers who have a deep level of understanding of the needs of the elderly community.

Ewan, a fully licensed real estate professional, and his friend Fabienne, a nurse, started the business after seeing a need to assist people of all ages when they make the decision to downsize to a smaller property.

“Having personally worked with carers, we realised that some people are stuck in their large family home because they don’t have the physical or mental strength, or they don’t have family around to go through the process of buying a new place, sorting, packing, storing, selling and moving,” he explained.

“It can be so overwhelming that people give up and stay stuck in a home not adapted to their need and too big, too costly, too exhausting to maintain.”

Feedback from clients they have already helped indicates removing all the pain points for what can be a long arduous ordeal over many months is the key to a smooth transition.

“Something that was impossible for them becomes possible. It is effortless, carers are great at creating social connections. We adapt our service to the different levels of support requested,” Ewan described.

“We keep adding services to make sure that downsizers have access to everything they need with access to exclusive discounts. We can be seen as a one shop stop for downsizers. For instance, we have partnered with a bridging loan specialist, a local expert in property search, a personal development coach, an off-market platform to make sure downsizers are set up for success.”

Ewan and Fabienne have this advice for those looking to assist elderly family members with the big move out of the family home.

“Allow 6 to 12 months to downsize. The earlier the better to remove the pressure of finding the right place. We can sync with the family to align expectations and provide reports for the peace of mind of everyone,” they said.

“It is sometimes all about making baby steps to initiate the momentum and address invisible blockers.”

“We are proud to provide a service from A to Z that removes all the stress for the downsizers and make them feel better in their life. We are also proud to be a solution for busy (or too far) grown up children who cannot help their parents in their downsizing project.”

Easy Downsize offers:

–           Support to define a plan (buy & sell or sell & buy)

–           Support to make space in cluttered rooms while respecting personal belongings of grown-up kids

–           Support to pack in boxes and store (50% reduction on public storage fee)

–           Support to stay motivated about the downsizing project

–           Support to buy the next home

–           Support to sell the property (Access to at least 25% reduction on agent’s fee)

–           Support to move

For downsizers eligible to carer support Easy Downsize also works directly with carers to help with sorting, packing and inspections. You can find out more via their website below.

Website: www.easydownsize.com.au


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