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Everyone’s Talking About: What’s Hot on WL

July 13, 2021

A brief look at the important local issues, and amazing stories and images that have been lighting up the Willoughby Living Facebook Group this month. These were the top stories by engagement, just in case you missed anything…

Local Swimming Star Tiffany Thomas Kane Headed for Tokyo

Proud dad, Trevor Kane, let the community know recently that local Paralympian Tiffany Thomas Kane has once again made it onto the Paralympic swim team for Tokyo. The 2020 Paralympics will be held there in August this year after being postponed last year due to COVID.

There was an outpouring of congratulations from WL members with Richard Nichols summing up how we all felt: “What an amazing girl and magnificent inspiration you are Tiffany. Have a wonderful trip to Tokyo. You are taking a little piece of every Australian with you and we are all right behind you!”

According to Swimming Australia, “at the age of 13 Thomas Kane was the youngest Australian swimmer selected to compete at the 2015 World Championships in Glasgow. Bursting on the international swimming scene in her first outing, she won a gold medal in the Women’s 100m Breaststroke (SB6) in a world record time. Training in NSW under Jon Bell at Monte, Thomas Kane recently won gold as part of the 4x100m freestyle team at the 2018 Pan Pacific Para Swimming Championships in Cairns, while also taking home a gold in the Women’s 50m Breaststroke Multi-Class event at the 2019 World Para Swimming World Series.”

Tiffany also featured as a Human of Willoughby, and you can click through here to read her story in her own words.

The Great Italian Food Giveaway

Local Italian restaurant favourite La Botte decided to make restrictions a little tastier for locals by giving away 10 x $50 vouchers to spend on their delicious food.

“La Botte restaurant would like to give back to the community by giving away ten $50 vouchers to spend with us on takeout. Go to labotte.com.au to check out our menu. Good luck.”
The winners have been drawn: Mary Jenkins, Bernee Lee, Gunilla McPherson, Annika De Bruijne, Gilli Kinect, Kylie A Williams, Kim Strode, Tam Zielinski, Kerry Berry, Shauna McStraw – so get in touch if you’re one of the lucky recipients!

Our Beautiful French Market Under Fire

Image of Laurelbank with thanks to @kruggsy

Samantha MacNally brought it to the community’s attention that the wonderful Le Marche Market held at historic Laurelbank every fortnight was under threat:

“As a resident in Willoughby Council area – I am devastated that the French Markets held at Laurelbank House on the corner of Penshurst Street and Laurel Avenue are in danger of being stopped because of an objection by Dan Murphy’s. This gorgeous little market that provides french foods and produce and artisan goods (think Truffles, Pate, Rilletes, Berets, Croissants, Coffee, Breads, Brie and other yummy goods – may not be alllowed to go ahead all because Dan Murphy says that its car park could be used by people visiting the market! What a crock – you could fire a gun through the car park on a Sunday morning and not hit anyone. If you could support the market to stay – can you email the council on

email@willoughby.nsw.gov.au – and tell them that you want the market to stay. It makes Willoughby so much more interesting having the market there – and I love walking down Laurel Avenue to sit in the sunshine with my plate of Raclette and coffee. Don’t let it go -…..PLEASE!!!”

Market founder Solveig Coulon-Legay updated the community a short time after, and the news wasn’t good. “After the ranger being called by our lovely neighbour, to inspect our markets on Sunday 13th June, Willoughby City Council has now issued a STOP USE ORDER and has requested for us to STOP OPERATING THE MARKETS. Therefore, until our DA is approved, we will be trading at CLUB WILLOUGHBY where we have a DA in place. This is an emotional roller coaster to say the least.”

Lockdown Letter Lifts Spirits

Sharon Snir shared this heart warming post giving us all a lift during lockdown:
“I received this letter in my letter box a few days ago. Having been unwell for a week and living alone it was the sweetest gesture I could have received. What a beautiful person she is. She has just taken my dog for a walk and I’m feeling deeply thankful for my wonderful community.”

What Spider is That? 

Eva Syne brought a collective community smile with her extraordinary pic – asking ”OK, gang. What kind of spider is this?” It’s possibly the first ‘spider’ post on WL to receive so much positive engagement.

Stay tuned for next month’s top posts which will be added above!


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