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farmtastic doggy daycare

Farmtastic Doggy Daycare will take your dogs out for a fun day on the farm. And better yet return them, happy and exhausted.

If you’ve ever headed off to work or the school run and felt guilty about leaving your four-legged family member behind, you might be interested in hearing about a new dog daycare service.

Farmtastic Doggy Daycare is the brainchild of North Shore local Dylan Resnekov. With a background in dog training and a deep connection to his own two pups, Ralphie and Loui, he sought to provide his dogs with more than just a routine walk or a visit to the local park.

The inspiration for the new venture hit when he took his dogs to a friend’s farm and witnessed their sheer joy as they bounded through open fields and splashed in the dam.

“I saw an opportunity to merge the exhilarating farm experience with enrichment activities, aiming to cater to dogs’ physical and mental health,” says Dylan. “My passion for farm life and dedication to leveraging scientific methods to stimulate dogs’ natural instincts inspired this unique approach to doggy daycare.”

farmtastic doggy daycare

The farm, in Mangrove Mountain, offers 20 acres of picturesque landscapes, including a dam, creek, and lush greenery – within a 40-minute drive from Hornsby.

The day starts with a pickup in a well-equipped van from Willoughby to Hornsby, ensuring a comfortable ride. Upon arrival, dogs undergo a health check before diving into a day filled with diverse activities across themed zones like Oasis by the Dam, Scent-Mania, and a ‘Barkstacle’ course, tailored to engage and tire them out. Indoor areas provide a cool retreat for hotter days or rest times, fostering one-on-one interactions with trainers. The day concludes with a gentle wash and a comfortable ride home, leaving dogs happy and exhausted.

While the team’s trained staff are committed to caring and supervising the pets, the service provides photo and video updates so owners can stay updated on their pets’ fun-filled adventures on the farm.

The service will initially focus on small and medium-sized breeds, the emphasis is on well-socialised dogs that adhere to Farmtastic Doggy Daycare’s guidelines. Safety and wellbeing are top of mind with a meticulous pre-screening process to assess each dog’s sociability and temperament, ensuring compatibility with the farm setting.

Bookings are currently open for Farmtastic Doggy Daycare, with the inaugural pickup day scheduled for the 11th of March. Limited spots are available to maintain small, intimate groups, ensuring the best experience for the dogs. Bookings can be made through their website at www.farmtasticdoggy.com.au

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