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Pets That Wow is a local positive reinforcement training school that aims to make life with a dog enjoyable – for both of you! So if you have a new pup, or a chewer, a jumper, a lead puller or a barker, read on…

If you have a beloved pet dog, Adriana Vergara from Pets That Wow is on a mission teach you to communicate with your pup so that you can all get the most out of your time together. Along with her West Highland White Terrier, Auggie, they run dog training programs with Adriana as the Chief Instructor while Auggie demonstrates the tips and tricks of the trade. At all times, the focus is on positive reinforcement.

“Pets That Wow offers Dog training that works,” says Adriana. “It works because we work with the owner and the dog. We work with the owner to explain and demystify the challenges of training a dog. We work with the dog to generate positive association. Filling your dog’s emotional cup is probably one of the most powerful tools we teach. Positive reinforcement will teach the dog (and the human also) the behaviour that you want from them.”

Adriana has a Certificate in Companion Animal Services, and is also the Chief Dog Instructor at Sydney All Dogs Breed Training Club in Concord. Pets That Wow, her own business, started as a result of people constantly complimenting Adriana on Auggie’s good manners whenever they were out and about. Adriana started with boutique training services focused on private and home consultations in 2019. Then, in 2021, she decided to open group classes to allow multiple dogs and owners to interact and learn.

Pets That Wow aims to “demystify and simplify dog training,” says Adriana. But the training is not just for the dogs. “We address the common challenges and teach our humans to understand why these occur. We focus on no harm, fear-free and gamification – training with us is fun! Our class is also unique. Participants receive videos, SMS reminders, group class information and a lot of tools to create the best relationship between them and their beloved dog. They will be able to teach their dog polite manners, loose lead walking and learn their dog’s body language.”

Classes cover:

Learn how to communicate with your pet:

  • Body signals
  • Learn to read your pets body language
  • Reinforce the desired behavior using positive reinforcement

Disengagement from stimulus:

  • Learn games to fill your pet’s emotional cup
  • Obedience and how to socialise your pet.
  • Address Pulling, Jumping, Barking, Chewing

Gain your Dog’s attention:

  • Engage your dog
  • Build bonding
  • Teach polite manners


  • Provide mental stimulation to your pet and avoid Pulling, Jumping, Barking, Chewing

One of the biggest challenges Adriana faces with pet owners is the assumption that dogs can be trained in just four classes over a month.

“It takes dedication,” she says. “But just 15 minutes every day will make a difference. Our ‘woo hoo’ moment is seeing happy and confident dogs and owners after they were frustrated dog owners and terrified dogs.  It is a transformation that makes a difference for life. Invest in your dog and I promise it will pay off!”

Pets That Wow runs
Saturday Group Classes at Two Turners Reserve, 24B Gladstone Parade, Lindfield.

Classes can also be held at your home or office.

Website: https://www.petsthatwow.com.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/petsthatwow

Instagram: pets_thatwow

Ph: 0413 500 707