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Get ready to scream! Luna Park is re-opening soon bigger and better than ever before, and there are new rides to thrill and entertain all members of the family. Here’s a first look at what’s new…

Set right on our stunning harbour, heritage-listed Luna Park is Sydney’s oldest and most iconic amusement park, first opening back in 1935. Fast forward almost a century and everyone’s favourite fairground retains much of its fabulous heritage, while an exciting recent revamp means there are new rides and family fun to be had!

Luna Park Sydney has undergone one of the biggest upgrades of any amusement park in the world. Expect new thrills and surprises around every corner, including:


The family rollercoaster that keeps you coming back. It drops, twists, turns, and then does it all again- backwards! This is Australia’s first G-force G-rated coaster that has space not just for kids, but the whole family. So you can all scream together!

Boomerang Image: Luna Park

Little Nipper:

Little ones can sit right next to you so you can all enjoy the ride together. It’s very family-friendly, but it still gives the kids the thrills they want and your stomach will still be intact by the end. Expect to hear – “Can we go again?”

Little Nipper Image: Luna Park

Freaky Frogs:

Jump on and leap around with the Park’s newest residents, Luna Frogs! Jump on board your green machine and they’ll take you round and round. To be enjoyed by everyone, including the littlest Park attendees.

Freaky Frogs Image: Luna Park

Loppy Lighthouse:

Dropping and bopping up and down this ride is perfect for the mini thrill-seeker. This ride is the beginner version of the Hair Raiser. And yes, big kids can join too.


Sydney, sea, sky, and screams all mesh into one as you swing and spin, at the same time. 360°!!! Once you’re locked and loaded, the hammer drops and whacks you with its full fury, back and forth, spun round and round, delivering G-forces that you didn’t even know existed. It packs a punch.

Sledgehammer Image: Luna Park

Silly Sub:

It might be next to Sydney Harbour, but this submarine flies into the air like a swinging magic carpet. It’s pretty silly, but super thrilly.

Cloud 9:

Cloud 9 takes you into the sky and back again, and again, and again. Kids and parents can fit into these bright hot air balloons, and you’ll follow the flashing lights all the way up into the air!

Cloud 9 Image: Luna Park


This is the mini ferris wheel for mini people. Standing seven metres tall, kids will feel on top of the world on this ride. Don’t worry, adults can join too!

What Else Is New:

Luna Perks Loyalty Program: For just $199, Annual Passes come with so much more than unlimited rides all year round. The new Luna Perks Loyalty Program puts guests in control of racking up the points in the park to score special offers, food, toys, show bags, memorabilia and even unforgettable experiences. The more guests visit, the more rides they go on, the more fun they have and the more points they score. Luna Perks will be exclusive to Annual Pass holders from July 2021, and all other guests from December 2021.

Luna Play: Luna Play is a new online experience that takes Luna Park to a whole new level – before, during, and after the fun. The introduction of this interactive feature allows access to a digital world where guests can get onto the Luna Park Leaderboards, view a 3D interactive map of the entire park and buy their photos taken screaming on the wildest rides. Plus, guests can even plan their day down to the rides they plan to go on first, food and Showtime Performances.

STAY TUNED: The Big Dipper returns (coming in Dec 2021), but not as you know it. It’s bigger, dippier, faster, higher and 360° loopier. It’s the world’s first single launch rail coaster
and Australia’s tallest and fastest multi-launch coaster. This one is for big kids only! If you’d like to read more on the amazing upgrade to Luna Park Sydney and see the Big Dipper animation, click here. 

Book tickets for Luna Park online and find out more by clicking here.