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The Better Business Partnership (BBP) is a free support program for small/medium local businesses on their journey to becoming more successful through sustainability. And it’s available to you!

If you own a small to medium business there’s a great support initiative in our area – the award winning Better Business Partnership (BBP) . Businesses can elect to have personal help and promotion through the BBP membership or simply use BBP as a source of sustainable information and inspiration.

BBP members are also in the running for the bi-yearly Better Business Awards. Constantly striving for improvement, BBP itself was recently a Finalist at the Local Government Excellence Awards and was Highly Commended in the Supporting Local Enterprise category.

Better Business Partnership

“BBP are fantastic supporters of local businesses and I am so grateful for the opportunities that they allow and to network with all these other amazing businesses.” – Laurie Green (right) of Grow Gather Graze, Winner of the People’s Choice Award, and Runner Up Better Business of the Year category, pictured with Willoughby Mayor Tanya Taylor. 

“Better Business Partnership was created in 2009,” says Program Coordinator Amanda Choy. “When BBP began, sustainability in business was not the norm. Our calls to action were all about lowering costs. Today it is clear that sustainable business is the only way to do business, to ensure prosperity and longevity.”

Managing costs are still definitely a big driver for businesses seeking the free assistance of BBP, but there are many other reasons surfacing as well.

“Increasing regulation such as single-use plastic bans, eco-conscious consumer demand as well as the ever increasing energy costs demonstrate that more than ever, the sustainable options are most effective in the long run,” says Amanda.

Better Business Partnership

Bye Bye Plastic hello BYO – an initiative of BBP to reduce single use plastic www.byebyeplastic.org.au

BBP is now in its 13th year (and the Better Business Awards are in their 7th) and is proudly supported by Partner Councils Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby, who had the foresight all those years ago to begin a unique collaboration to support local business through sustainability.  There’s also a BBP program manager in each partner council dedicated to supporting the businesses in their council area.

“Sustainability is all about small actions influencing others, embedding change. From small things, bigger things grow.  That is the BBP motto,” says Amanda. The BBP assessment plants a seed that can grow into a desire by the business to be more accountable, and be able to demonstrate a commitment to being environmentally and socially transparent.

Better Business Partnership

BBP member the beautiful Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron at Kirribilli. They have increased energy and water efficiency and reduced waste, plus they’ve invested in Solar Power and incorporated a reusable-container initiative. 

The next big frontier is climate, to turn the Titanic of climate change around and reduce carbon emissions. The BBP Partner councils are working towards Net Zero targets, internally and at the community level, and they are entering into long term 100% renewable energy agreements, encouraging the shift to emission- free transport and ways to reduce and recover municipal waste.

“BBP has been given the mandate to support the local business community in understanding what this Net Zero pathway means and what actions you can undertake in your business to further these goals,” says Amanda. “They are bigger decisions, going carbon neutral, going renewable, moving off gas onto electric, purchasing electric vehicles as they become more available, participating in the circular economy. Our program is now evolving to reflect these new priorities.”

Better Business Partnership

It’s good to know that being a more sustainable business also translates into reducing costs for businesses.

“BBP educates our member businesses on how to become more energy efficient and resourceful with waste, which translates into real cost savings,” confirms Amanda.

“We guide on the benefits of setting up a business plan, establishing your sustainability philosophy and provide a practical sustainability action plan. With our connection into all levels of government, we are knowledgeable on the latest money-saving initiatives or business upgrade offers that specifically target small business. All of this makes a difference to a business bottom line and have longer term success.”

BBP also actively promotes its members through the ‘Buy Better Buy Local’ directory, encouraging the public to support and buy from their local sustainably focused businesses. This easy to use directory is found on their website bbp.org.au.

So How Does Your Business Become a Better Business?

BBP Business Award Winners Childcare category 2023 KU West Pymble Preschool

As long as the business operates or is registered in either Willoughby, North Sydney or Ku-ring-gai council areas, they are eligible to join. From a sole trader, to a small or large sized business any organisation can undertake the free online assessment: ‘How Sustainable is my Business?’ You’ll find this located on the www.bbp.org.au website at www.bbp.org.au/resources/assessmenttool.

BBP has successfully worked with over 1000 local North Shore businesses over the last ten years, and their assistance is now considered a real bonus for businesses. The BBP program is currently trialling in the Bayside council area and exploring opportunities Sydney wide.

If you’re ready for your business to become a better business, click through to the free online assessment below…

Better Business Partnership
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bbp.sustainablebiz/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BetterBusinessPartnership/
Facebook Business Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/supportingbetterbusiness/
Free Online Assessment for your Business: https://www.bbp.org.au/assessment-tool/

Main image: Better Business Awards 2023 L-R Councillor William Bourke, North Sydney Council, Mayor Jeff Pettett, Ku-ring-gai Council, Amanda Choy BBP Program Coordinator, Laura Stone, Sydney by Kayak, Mayor Tanya Taylor Willoughby Council and Joanne Taranto, Good for the Hood.