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In Australia, 25% of all produce doesn’t leave the farm because supermarkets don’t consider it to be ‘pretty’ enough. Now Good & Fugly is rescuing those poor ugly fruits and vegetables and ensuring that this great food reaches our plates direct from the farmers. And Willoughby locals are loving it!

Good & Fugly’s concept of saving unwanted fruit and vegetables is all part of the War on Waste. As part of their ‘rescue mission’ they want to dispel the unrealistic beauty standards of supermarkets that reject perfectly good but imperfect looking produce.

Good & Fugly delivery service boxes are filled with fresh seasonal fruit and veg that haven’t been put under the unnecessary microscope of perfection. Just because an apple isn’t shiny red doesn’t mean it isn’t sweet, juicy and crunchy!  A small size box will feed two people for one week or one person for two weeks. And a large size will feed 4-5 people.

North Shore local Robyn Swan first heard of Good & Fugly through her daughter and was quickly intrigued.

“When she showed me the website, I realised, ‘Wow I can get fresh produce that’s good for the farmers, the climate, me, AND it’s also home-delivered!’”

Robyn’s been ordering for months now and is enjoying trying new recipes based on what arrives in the box.

“My cooking has become more interesting as I plan meals around the vegetables in the box. I also grow some of my own vegetables so I’m aware they don’t have to look perfect to taste good,” she says.

Good & Fugly
Robyn Swan and her daughter Rebecca Image: Good & Fugly


I’m interested in Good & Fugly’s boxes. Where do I sign up?

Good & Fugly
Image: Good & Fugly

Head to the Good & Fugly website for all your information, but here are the basics:

The small fruit and veg box will get you 6-8kgs of mixed items and feed up to two people for a week. Items will differ from week to week or season to season. A one-off purchase will set you back $39. By subscribing, you save 10% off the total cost.

The large box contains 9-12kgs of mixed fruits and veggies and feeds up to 3-5 people for 4-5 days. One-time purchase costs $59.

Don’t sit back and watch

There has never been a more important time to get the balance right between environmental and commercial sustainability. In Australia alone, for instance, we’re responsible for throwing away 3.1 million tonnes of food.

We’re thrilled to hear that organisations like Good & Fugly are tackling these issues and bringing something of value to consumers (not to mention rescuing those poor wonky fruit and veg). Get behind them, Willoughby!

Good & Fugly are offering Willoughby Living followers 20% off their first order – simply visit this link or enter the code ‘Willoughby20’ at checkout.

Contact details

Website: https://goodandfugly.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goodandfugly
Instagram: @goodandfugly