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Playgroups on the Lower North Shore

A brilliant activity for children and their carers, there are so many great playgroups in our local area.

Where to find a Justice of the Peace

Need a JP to witness legal documents? There's sure to be one just around the corner...

WL Facebook Group Post Guidelines

If you're unsure about what can be posted in the Group, or need guidelines for advertising, read on...

Top 10 Spots to Make a Splash!

From iconic pools and beautiful beaches, to hidden gems and family favourites, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to great places to cool down.

The Freecycle Revolution

Repurposers, reusers and recyclers are helping our environment one item at a time - and a Lower North Shore Group is leading the charge locally...

Need a Babysitter Now?

If you’re looking for great local childcare, don’t despair – there are some amazing tried and tested options and some innovative new ones nearby.


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