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If you’ve been to Chatswood recently you weren’t dreaming if you spotted ten giant inflatable cacti at The Concourse. Colourful and glowing, they’re certainly eye-catching and very appealing for an Instagram pic or two. After the year we’ve all had, it’s a wonderful to see something so fun and joyful popping up to make us all smile. And it’s not even VIVID!

The Cactus Garden is the work of Amigo and Amigo, a Sydney-based artistic studio, who have exhibited their work all over the world. The artists themselves were inspired by the form of the cactus plant and “it’s personality”.

“We want people to feel immersed in colour and play, finding joy in the discovery of these unusual plants.”

As with all forms of art, the installation isn’t just for fun, it also raises questions for its audience.

“Cactus Garden is a slap in your face; an awakening of the senses. Its colours and patterns demand attention and encourage you to question the contradictions you are looking at. Where does the cactus start and end? Where did the attack of the cacti come from? Why do I want to hug a giant cactus? This is fun, but it’s serious fun.”

Cactus Garden is part of Chatswood Culture Bites, Willoughby City Council’s cultural program bringing an exciting range of cultural delights to Chatswood throughout the year. We can’t wait to see what’s next!


When: Until May 15

Where: The Concourse, Chatswood

Time: 9am-midnight daily

Cost: Free!


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