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Local dad Eddie Kim has been so impressed by the Kumon after-school study program he’s opening a centre in the middle of Willoughby…

Eddie Kim and his daughters.

Kumon is the world’s largest after-school study program, with over 4 million students worldwide and over 50,000 in Australia. It offers individualized maths and English programs to help develop strong academic skills in children of all ages, with the aim of nurturing confident self-learners for life. Thanks to local father of two, Eddie Kim, a Kumon centre is opening this month in Willoughby Park Centre.

Eddie is extremely well-equipped to run the program. “In the 1980’s I was a Kumon student myself at Bondi Junction!” he says. “My instructor is still there – she’s the longest serving instructor in Australia.” Which goes to show the program is very popular. When Eddie became the father of two girls he looked forward to sending them to Kumon as well, and his first daughter, who is six, has just started. Watching her progress has inspired him to open the local centre.

“As a father of two young daughters, I have closely followed their progress – from this I have come to appreciate just how critical the learning blocks of education are. My passion for working with communities, the families within them and their children, meant this was a great fit. Having seen the program from all sides, I look forward to providing a unique perspective to families.”

Eddie has a background in financial accounting and hotel management. He is also a fully trained Kumon instructor. The recently upgraded Willoughby Park Centre, already a family hub in the area, offered the perfect place to host the new Kumon Willoughby Education Centre. Eddie says it will offer a welcoming environment to all ages and capabilities, “along with an active and engaging instructor who is committed to personalizing the program to each child.”

Kumon is for students of all ages, even pre-kindy. “As soon as a child is capable of interacting and taking instruction, we can provide a fun environment of learning which then matures to foundation numeracy and literacy skills,” says Eddie. “We provide a free, no-obligation diagnostic test, where we can analyse where a child is at currently, and tailor a plan to show what is possible with commitment and persistence.”

Exercising the mind is no different to exercising the body and it takes time and consistency to build those all-important education foundations. “We assess the student’s ability and designate an ‘easy starting point’, so that all students can gain confidence and develop stamina to then continually learn new concepts,” Eddie says.

Children (and families) who can give a sustained effort and commitment (12 months is the minimum advised to see the accelerated progress), can expect to feel confident at school in their reading, comprehension and mathematical abilities.

However, Kumon is also a fun experience with instructors recognising that children learn best when they enjoy what they’re doing. “Learning is definitely enjoyable when fostered in the correct method,” Eddie confirms, adding that it’s important to remember that the confidence that comes with comprehending and mastering something lasts a lifetime. “Those penny-dropping moments are what make it all worthwhile!”

Kumon Willoughby Education Centre will operate from the Willoughby Park Centre, Community Room #2 (entry facing the football oval) on Mondays and Thursdays 3:15pm – 6:15pm.

Visit the Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/kumonwilloughby and the Kumon Australia website here au.kumonglobal.com

* Kumon Willoughby will hold FREE diagnostic tests for all students, with a short 20 min orientation for further info on the Kumon method on Monday 2nd Sep, 3:30pm, 5pm and Thursday 5th Sept, 3:30pm, 5pm

Where: Community Room #2, rear of Willoughby Park Arts and Recreation Centre, (WPS) – facing the football oval. (Free parking on site, bathroom facilities, wheelchair access, walking track, kids play ground within walking distance.)