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Lisa Hamilton, Knowbody Personal Training

“After twenty years of creating beautiful, functional spaces for homes and retailers as an interior stylist I wanted my clients to be just as thrilled and energised with their own bodies. So I became a personal trainer. I studied nights whilst working interiors and raising my three small children, and I earned my Master Trainer and Freestyle Group X Instructor certifications. I started Knowbody Personal Training five years ago from my backyard in Northbridge. As it grew I moved to a quiet space at Northbridge Baths, where I am the only licensed personal trainer to operate. It’s such a tranquil spot right on the water with parking and amenities. I run a sunrise class at 6am and another after school drop-off. Then there’s the 13-18-year-old girls’ class, and one for under-13 girls. Extra classes are held if there’s a demand – especially specialised programs for scaredy cats and big blokes! I want everybody to feel comfortable training and I know some people simply have difficulty starting, so I limit numbers to allow individual attention. I’ve found varying the equipment is one of the keys to keeping clients interested. We use kettle bells, TRXs, boxing gloves, balls, and bands. A favourite class is ‘A Date With Mat’ – which is a full-body resistance class on a black yoga mat. The teenage girls’ training is to teach them about their bodies and healthy eating. We work on functional strength, fitness and self confidence. Having 15 and 13-year-old daughters, I understand how important it is for young females of all different shapes and sizes to feel good, feel strong and stand tall – even if they’re short. Beauty comes from within, and to me beauty is happiness, strength and the confidence to do anything you put your mind to. You should also treat yourself often and well, which is why I’ll be running cooking classes twice a month beginning in February. It’s very exciting. Eat, train, laugh is my philosophy!”

Photo: Paul Melham