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Learn brilliant new skills, discover the wonders of nature in our local area and attend fun and fascinating events with the fabulous Live Well in Willoughby Program…

Discover a world of eco-conscious possibilities with the Live Well in Willoughby program bought to you by Willoughby City Council. The program is designed to empower local residents on their journey towards sustainable and environmentally friendly living. Throughout the year, the program offers engaging workshops, webinars, and events tailored to our diverse multicultural community, fostering a deeper connection to nature and inspiring positive actions for our local environment.

If you’re eager to explore practical tips and gain knowledge for sustainable living, the Live Well e-newsletter is your gateway to a wealth of information. Stay updated on a range of activities, all conveniently listed and updated monthly on the events page, ensuring there’s something for everyone in our community. There are five key focus areas:

1. Home & Lifestyle: Delve into sustainable cooking, crafting eco-friendly items, and embracing or creating sustainable fashion.

2. Energy Efficiency: Unlock the secrets of renewable energy and discover ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Active Transport: Learn the advantages of walking and cycling the local neighbourhood.

4. Nature: Embark on guided bushwalks and be thrilled by the wildlife that thrives within our region.

5. Food & Garden: Uncover the joys of growing your own fruits and vegetables, and using food thoughtfully. Find out how to start your own garden or join one of our community gardens.

In 2024, Live Well in Willoughby promises an exciting line-up, including a three-week tree festival highlighting the invaluable benefits trees bring to our community. The beloved Fauna Fair makes a triumphant return to mark its 20th anniversary, captivating families with its engaging exhibits. Complementing informative sustainability workshops are awe-inspiring wildlife sessions and rejuvenating walks in our local bushland.

The Live Well commitment extends beyond local events, with the option for the community to participate in national and global environmental initiatives such as Ride to School Day, National Tree Day, Clean Up Australia Day, World Environment Day, and Plastic Free July. These endeavours align with the Live Well mission to foster healthy, sustainable lifestyles and promote the well-being of the natural world.

With an impressive 97% positive rating from workshop attendees, there is everything to gain by attending a session.

A resident who joined a Composting and Worm Farm workshop appreciated: “the hands-on approach where we could see the actual products like a hot and cold composter and worm farms. The people were very knowledgeable about the topic.”

After participating in an adults’ cycling class a resident shared, “I love feeling more confident in being able to use the local bikeways – thank you so much! I can imagine that this sort of course will also inspire others to use their bikes more often.”

One of our youngest residents who attended a kids’ recycling and waste show at Chatswood Library impressed her mother after the session with her newfound knowledge. “My daughter really enjoyed it, the best part of it was that she really absorbed the learning from the session- we went to Coles for grocery shopping after this session, just as I was about to grab a soft plastic bag for fruits, my daughter said to me we should use less plastic bags as these can’t be recycled – I was really impressed as she would have no clue about recycling prior to the session!”

Head to the website for more – and Live Well in Willoughby in 2024!: https://www.willoughby.nsw.gov.au/Environment/Events/Live-well-in-Willoughby