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At KalibrateED, we are OBSESSED with uncovering hidden potential in high-school students and developing strategies to unlock it for them!
We create roadmaps and tailor strategies for high-school students to unlock their highest potential and achieve more than they thought they were capable of.
Our experienced team specialises in:

Designing study systems that work
Organisation and time-management
Building responsibility and accountability
Assessment planning, preparation, and feedback
Motivation, focus and attention
Stress management and change fatigue
Boosting marks and rankings quickly
Finding direction, career advisory and life-skills
Issues arising from study disruption, remote-learning, or illness
Dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, and other learning challenges

KalibrateED is a game-changer for students who want to improve quickly and consistently across ALL of their subjects to lift their ATAR, not just one isolated subject. Our goal is to help students, families, and schools get better results using less time, stress, and resources.
We are all about delivering results, and we are proud to calibrate students to thrive— no matter what the future holds.
If you feel there's an area that could improve for your child, come chat to us about it. We'd love to work on a roadmap to support them in meeting their potential.

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0435 136 828
Tiger Tutoring
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Welcome to Tiger Tutoring! I’m a mathematics teacher with over 18 years’ experience teaching years 7-12 HSC Mathematics. I’ve taught at Sydney’s Knox Grammar School, International Grammar School, Australian International School Singapore and Caringbah Selective High School.

I am results driven and in 2017 all of my HSC Mathematics Advanced students achieved a Band 6 (90% or above) and 26 of my 28 students received 90% or above in Mathematics Extension 1.


I believe in instilling a sense of enjoyment and personal achievement from learning.
Through the use of encouragement and positive reinforcement, I cultivate in each student the confidence in their own ability to work through any problem.

By fostering the development of a growth mindset, I encourage students to understand that their intelligence is not fixed, and that they are capable of building and expanding their knowledge regardless of how difficult the concept seems at the time!


I am privileged to be a Coordinator of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. This program aims to create a well-rounded individual who learns a skill, plays a sport and serves his or her community.

As I endeavour to lead by example, last July I took a group of students to Cambodia to teach English to underprivileged children. The goal was to educate students about the conditions faced by less privileged people around the world and instil in them a desire to make a difference. We are currently raising funds for high school scholarships for Cambodian children to attend school from years 7-12 and to provide water filters to villages to reduce waterborne diseases.

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Suite 103, Level 1
118 Christie Street
St Leonards
Antoinette’s School of Early Learning
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I aim to provide the resources, opportunities and encouragement to children in a warm and caring environment that will set them up with the confidence, commitment and enthusiasm for a lifetime of learning. The lessons involve a broad range of activities creating an exciting and stimulating learning environment. Each child’s learning plans and goals are evaluated regularly and adjusted as they progress.

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0432 984 881
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Suite 1, 120 Avenue Road, Mosman
CS Education Artarmon
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Discover the CS Education Advantage
Proven Results:
CS Education tutoring Centre takes pride in its track record of success. We diligently prepare our students for success in NAPLAN, Opportunity Class, and Selective School examinations, laying the foundation for their academic growth and achievements.


Expert Educators:
Our team comprises seasoned educators who are not just teachers but mentors, guiding students with passion and expertise. Each tutor brings knowledge to create a nurturing and engaging learning environment.


Holistic Approach:
Beyond academics, CS Education believes in the holistic development of each student. We instil essential life skills, foster critical thinking, and cultivate a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom.


Comprehensive Curriculum:
Our carefully crafted curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of primary school students. From foundational concepts to advanced topics, we ensure a thorough understanding that goes beyond memorisation.


Parent - Teacher Partnership:
At CS Education, we believe in a strong partnership with parents. Regular communication, progress updates and collaborative strategies ensure that each child receives the support they need for success.


Enrol your child today and embark on a transformative educational journey with CS Education Tutoring Centre.

Call or email us at artarmon@gmail.com to find out more.

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0433 319 070 / 0433 289 736
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Unit 7, 96 Hampden Rd, Artarmon
Tutor Titan
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Hi everyone, we are a small group of recent high-school graduates from schools such as Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview who are looking to assist local high-school students in their preparation towards the HSC and those of all-ages in the achievement of their academic goals. Our tutors consist of previous students around the 99+ ATAR range, as well as those finishing within the top 5 of their cohort, including those on the HSC All-round achievers list (10+ units of Band 6 or E4).

At TutorTitan, our inspiration stems from our own experiences of being tutored, experiencing the care, undivided attention and motivation our tutors gave us and aim to pass this special experience onto the next cohorts of HSC students. As such, we individually tailor quality programs and our lessons after the specific needs of our students through private 1-on-1 sessions either in your chosen location (home or public library) or online, ensuring our students excel.

Our experienced team of private tutors know the intricate tips and tricks of the HSC, exam technique and what NESA is specifically looking for, hence providing the utmost standard of private tuition, specialising within:

K-12 Mathematics
Mathematics Standard
Mathematics Advanced
Mathematics Extension 1 & 2
Business Studies
English Advanced

TutorTitan will be the one constant throughout the many uncertainties of the HSC, being a student's dependable source of support, consistency and confidence when facing the numerous trials in the coming years.

Feel free to send over a message at (tutor-titan.com/contact)

Team at TutorTitan

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0416 301 178