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At Sterling Results Fitness Club we are focused on our clients. Our Aim is to help our clients GET FIT, HAVE FUN and BE HEALTHY.

We have a private indoor training area in Willoughby, plus a majority of our classes are offered LIVE via Zoom. All our sessions focus on You. Whether it is personal training or small group/semi private training, you will gain new strength and fitness through our focus on resistance training.

Our aim to offer a holistic program from Strength and cardio training for Muscle and Bone Density, to Pilates for small muscle development, to Yoga for lengthening of your muscles and relaxation and to HIKING for endurance training.

Many of our clients would love to have a Personal Training session or two each week, but just can’t justify the time or money. So to help, we offer SMALL Group Classes. The maximum class size is 8, and the class will always run if there are two participants… so we think of them as SEMI – PRIVATE Classes.

Being a small group, you get the same technical dedication from your trainer as you would in a Personal Training Session. We will modify your exercise if you arrive with any strains of injuries.

The other main benefit of the classes is we are a COMMUNITY. Everyone gets to be friends and we support and encourage each other’s fitness goals.

Our specialised Programs including:

HIKEFit: I recommend anyone who enjoys being outdoors, who wants to maintain or increase their fitness levels should join our HIKEFit Program. Age is no barrier, in fact the average age of the Hikers is 52. It is all about getting you Fit in Nature. Each Hike is slightly different in terms of KM hiked, ascent or descent, gradients of the hills. Each designed to challenge you and your fitness, however, NOT in a bootcamp sort of way. We walk fast on the flat and at your own pace up hills. 6 hikes each week
STAYFit: 45mins CIRCUIT style or HITT class. Fabulous energetic strength workout. Virtual or Studio offerings… 5 classes each week
FITAAA: 45mins designed specifically for clients over 65, who are looking to maintain movement, flexibility, balance and strength. We start the classes with dance and balance, our strength section includes time on the floor for Core work. Virtual or Studio offerings… 4 classes each week
GENTLEFit: Similar to FITAAA, these 45min classes are specifically designed for those returning from injury or just starting their exercise journey. We focus on Balance , Mobility and Strength. Virtual or Studio offerings .. 1 class each week
YOGAFit: 45mins YOGA Stretch Class. The style of Yoga is dependent upon the participants. Virtual ONLY ….3 classes each week
PILATESFit: 45mins PILATES Class. Perfect to work on your core. If you have given birth, this is for you! Virtual ONLY ….1 class each week
BOXFit: 45min Boxing class. BYO Gloves Preferable. STUDIO Only : Willoughby … 2 classes each week

JOGFit: a 45min gentle jog program, improving our 5km speed every week. Jogging track is in WILLOUGHBY Summer offering only … 1 class per week

Take the challenge, join us to get great results and BECOME THE NEW YOU

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