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Liz Courtney, an award-winning local documentary writer and director renowned for her impactful films on climate change has picked up two awards at the 2024 Women Changing the World Awards in London, presented by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

Northbridge-based Liz Courtney won gold in the Media Communications for her film work on climate change including – Antarctica the Giant Awakens, Changing Oceans, Future Cities, Climate Impact Asia, Earth Survival and The Tipping Points of Climate change series.

She also picked up a silver award for her work in sustainability and technology focused on education, and was recently a key speaker at Climate Week Sydney.

The awards at Windsor Park in the UK were presented by Oprah Winfrey’ s all-time favourite guest, Dr Tererai Trent to celebrate and recognise women achieving outstanding success in areas such as media, sustainability, humanitarian work, leadership, advocacy, technology, education, health and innovation. These awards celebrate the significant contributions of women who are driving positive change worldwide and inspire others to join in shaping a better future for all.

Transitioning from a successful 20-year career in media and PR agencies, Liz Courtney redirected her focus to shed light on the profound impacts of climate change on our planet’s ecosystems and future generations. Known for her compelling narratives and global perspective, Liz has directed over 55 documentaries winning numerous awards across a range of projects and has been the Artist in Residence at the Earth Observatory of Singapore for several years.

Dr. Trent emphasised the importance of recognising women like Liz, stating, “These exceptional women are here to awaken hearts, give permission to recapture dreams, and inspire women worldwide to unite for a brighter future.”

Reflecting on her journey, Liz remarked, ” I am an Environmental Filmmaker and Climate Change Activist, dedicated to conveying the urgency of climate change through compelling narratives. My transformative journey began with the 2010 documentary Cool School Antarctica, guiding 40 teenagers to the first Global Youth Climate Summit. Committed to impactful storytelling, I have explored Earth’s interconnected systems from the Amazon Rainforest to the Greenland Icesheet, and more.

Liz’s latest project, “Antarctica – The Giant Awakens,” sheds light on the rapidly changing landscape of West Antarctica, where rising temperatures pose significant threats to global sea levels. Through innovative storytelling and collaborations with organisations such as Starlink, Liz managed to achieve the first live-television cross to news networks in Asia. This allowed scientists from the Earth Observatory of Singapore to bring the critical threat of sea-level rise to millions across Asia, and Oceania, urging coastal communities, businesses, and governments to drive mitigation strategies this century.

Looking ahead, Liz remains committed to making social impact through her work. She is developing a transformative film series “The Positive Tipping Points,” collaborating with Exeter University in the UK.  Central to this film is a Global 5% Pledge, an innovative App being designed to empower individuals to commit to a 5% reduction in their personal carbon footprint. Through a comprehensive social media strategy and engagement with influencers, Liz aims to mobilise global support for the pledge, fostering a collective mindset toward addressing the planet’s challenges.

In Liz’s words, “The Positive Tipping Points” is more than a film series; it is a movement, a call to action which empowers individuals to shape a sustainable future for generations to come, driving a grassroots social impact program, backed with data that shows everyone how they can be part of the solution. We all have a choice everyday in how we act, and what we do, so I want to provide a lens that will allow families, communities, and business to be part of the solution”.

For more on Liz Courtney’s incredible work head to Unboxed Media and watch her Climate Impact Asia Series.