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Their jewels are garnering world-wide acclaim, but it’s the Musson family themselves who are proving to be worth their weight in gold.

They may be expanding globally with the launch of their e-boutique in September, but the Musson family says the lower North Shore has and always will remain an important site for the family business, Musson Jewellers. Established by Robert Musson and his wife Kerry in 1972 in Crows Nest, they first opened their doors when the neighbourhood “was a hub of creativity and the location for many cutting-edge advertising agencies,” says Robert, who was just 22 years old at the time and fresh out of a five-year apprenticeship at Clark and Walton’s in Surry Hills.

“I reflect on this period often,” says Robert, who is the son of an Italian woodturner. “We were young, enthusiastic and it seemed like the natural progression to open a business. We had a boutique that was very different from conventional jewellery stores. We created our own shop fittings and were known for our innovative window displays. We once had running water through the front windows as part of the display. It makes me happy to think of this time as we were very much trying to establish ourselves, and the Musson brand.”

Within a couple of years, Musson Jewellers had expanded its premises to Willoughby Road and, in 1982, they opened their stylish boutique in the then new Chatswood Chase. Thanks to word of mouth and numerous jewellery design awards, both nationally and abroad, Musson Jewellers quickly became known for its creativity and innovation. Says Robert: “A key turning point was when the business was chosen to become a DeBeers Carat Club Member. The carat club comprised of the finest jewellery houses in the world. I was the youngest ever member in this very elite club in Australia. This aligned our business with DeBeers, who were and remain world leaders in premium quality diamonds.”

*Robert and Kerry Musson with their DeBeers Awards (left) and Robert Musson recently (right).

Another first for the brand has been partnering with the AFL to design a bespoke diamond ring for each of the 22 premiership players and their coach in this year’s inaugural NAB AFL Women’s Competition. “Women’s empowerment is extremely important to us,” explains Damien, Musson’s Managing Director and Robert’s middle son. “As a father of daughters, I want my daughters to feel that they can do and achieve anything in life. It felt both amazing and important to be supporting the achievements of such pioneering women. We are honoured that Musson have played a small part in history.” Next year, Musson plans to build on their partnership with AFL by getting the public involved. Explains Damien: “At this stage, we are looking to come up with four designs and to get the fans to vote on their favourite through social media. The chosen design would become the Premiership Ring for 2018 – a fantastic way to share the experience with the supporters of the AFLW. Watch this space!”

*The Musson-designed AFLW Premiership ring (left), and the premiership-winning AFLW Adelaide Crows being presented with their rings (right).

So what’s next for the business that already has a second boutique in the CBD’s Queen Victoria Building and a virtual boutique on the way? “In the long term, our eyes are set on an international boutique, so as to allow our global clientele greater access to our bespoke creations. We are also in discussions to design a Premiership Ring for the Men’s AFL,” says Olivar, Creative Director and Robert’s youngest son. 

*The Mussons today: Damien Musson and family (left), Robert and Kerry Musson (centre), and Olivar Musson and family (right).

But despite their many ventures and accolades, the Mussons remain loyal to where it all began. “One of the main reasons we have stayed on the North Shore is because it’s where our established client-base is, but also where we have lived,” says Olivar, who has been living in Willoughby now for four years together with his wife and three young children. “We love our clients and are one of those rare businesses where our clients truly have become our friends. I am now designing engagement rings for the grandchildren of my father’s clients! I am immensely proud that we have serviced generations of families and will continue to do so. We may be selling rings all over the world and winning prestigious awards, but I believe we have stayed true to our origins.”

Musson is located on Level 1, Chatswood Chase, 345 Victoria Ave Chatswood
Tel: (02) 9412 0888