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Willoughby City Council has launched an exciting new podcast series where passionate sustainability champions share their experiences.

Get set for some entertaining and planet-saving local podcasts. The series of five episodes provide practical tips on fashion, food, e-transport, bushcare and sustainable living, all designed to inspire local residents to take action and live sustainable lives. Passionate sustainability champions share their experience in each episode, that will inspire you to take action!

  • Sustainability Podcast Series Episode 1 – Living a sustainable lifestyle

Hear how local resident Sarah Millar has created an urban oasis in her garden. It is jam-packed with fruit, vegetables, herbs and even a coffee tree!

“I’m concerned about food miles and how agriculture is practised on a large scale these days” – said urban gardener Sarah. “It is such a pleasure to go and pick herbs or something you have grown,” she continued.

  • Sustainability Podcast Series Episode 2 – Cooking with local & seasonal produce

Join chef Jo Powling to learn how to shop seasonally, pickle food during a glut, food swap and gain practical cooking tips.

  • Sustainability Podcast Series Episode 3 – E bikes

Alison Pryor and Carolyn New from Bike North chat about their passion for ebikes. Learn how much they cost, how you charge them and how they can get you further faster!

  • Sustainability Podcast Series Episode 4 – Sustainable fashion

Hear from Alex Van Os, eco-fashion stylist and Red Cross Ambassador, how the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Alex shares tips and tricks to help you be fashion-conscious without it costing the earth.

  • Sustainability Podcast Series Episode 5 – Bushcare

Join Geoff Shuetrim, a recent bushcare convert and Mayor Gail, an experienced bushcarer, to hear about the many benefits of joining a bushcare group. You receive expert training and equipment, develop great community connections and make a huge impact on your local environment.

“It’s almost like taking a holiday. Once a month you get a morning on the weekend where you can just have time with a group of nice people in a great space and you can forget about everything else.” says Geoff Shuetrim, newly joined volunteer bushcare team after both his daughter and wife told him how much they enjoyed the experience.

The podcasts are part of Council’s Live Well in Willoughby program which inspires and teaches residents how to live a more sustainable life.

Listen at the website or on the major podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and YouTube): https://www.willoughby.nsw.gov.au/Campaigns/Sustainability-Podcast-Series


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