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Luke-Anthony Kudric, Castle Cove Butchery

“I’ve been working in the industry for 41 years, since I was 8 years old. My Hungarian uncle was a master butcher in Stanmore where all the major food companies were based. I became a second generation master butcher along with my cousins, who are also still butchers today. We learnt everything pertaining to meat, from production to the cooking. I’ve been here in Castle Cove for five years. We have a new owner who is training under me. He works extremely hard – I don’t think he realised how full on it would be! All our products are made by hand – we’re here from 5.30am til 6.30pm and we take pride in what we sell. Our best sellers are our sausages and our chicken tenderloins. But lately what have taken off for us are our slow roasts. We get people from all over Sydney coming here to buy them. The Bangalow pork slow roast is amazing. People take them interstate and even overseas. At Christmas we do personalised turkey and turduckens – we tailor make each one to the personal desires of the customer. Our meat is uncertified organic and chemical free with the highest quality standard from the Meat Standard Association of Australia. Our chickens are open range and processed without chemicals – you can taste the ethics. That’s how food should be; food should not be adulterated. I’m devastated by the news that Woolworths has permission to open in the industrial area nearby. If that goes ahead I think we’re history. No matter how good you are, they’ll drop the prices to a third of what they should be, and I understand why people take advantage of that. It will bleed us dry. That’s our biggest threat – people shopping for convenience, not realising the sacrifices to their health of food that’s been adulterated with chemicals. People should be able to trust their butcher.”

Photo: RJI Photography