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“I’ve been working in the High St shops carpark for 7 years – that’s the longest of any caretaker here so far. This centre was built in the 1970s – since then the local community has grown a lot, shopping habits have changed and there is obviously more traffic. There all sorts of SUVs these days. Can you believe this was once a two-way carpark? Whilst it’s a small carpark, most people are understanding and patient… and we certainly try to encourage respect for each other’s wellbeing and property! Drivers entering the wrong way is a concerning issue, which we ask Council and the Police to enforce. Centre Management have been very supportive, and they are always looking at ways to make the shopping experience a happy one. I’m quite well known by all the residents and regular shoppers, and I try to do my best to keep things in order. I just want to make this place safe for mamas, bubbas and puppies.”

Photo: Kirsten Delaney