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VT1 Martial Arts is where traditional values meet modern Martial Arts, specialising in working with kids and parents to prepare for anything life might throw at them.


It’s not every day you get the chance to learn from a world champion. But that’s exactly what you will have at the family friendly VT1 Martial Arts Academy in Chatswood which is owned and operated by siblings – brothers Liam and Dylan Resnekov –  who are continuing a long family tradition, with a modern twist. One is a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Expert and the other a Muay Thai World Champion and together they have built one of Australia’s best training centres over the last 20 years.

“We grew up in our parents’ martial arts academy, they had been martial arts instructors on the North Shore since 1983,” explains Liam. “As soon as we finished school, we saved up and set out to train with the best in the world in Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and MMA. This took us on more than 60 international trips to train and learn from the source.”

Above: Brothers and owners of VT1 Dylan (left) and Liam Resnekov (right)

“After winning State, National and World Championships, we decided to focus on building a cutting edge family-friendly martial arts school to pour our knowledge and experience into,” Liam said.

That school is VT1 Martial Arts Academy, located just one minute from Willoughby’s High Street shops, and when you walk into the building it is like being transported to Thailand, Japan or Brazil. There are four levels created specifically for each art form that is taught, providing a cultural experience at the same time.

The name VT1 comes from the Portuguese word “vale tudo” which means “anything goes”. The brothers felt this was perfect for their philosophy of preparing students for the future, both within the discipline of martial arts and outside the academy in their day-to-day life.

Liam and Dylan feel strongly about the benefits of training young people, and their coaches range from UFC Coaches and World Champions to PHD graduates.

“Our coaches are parents themselves. They know first-hand the benefits that can come from a solid grounding in Martial Arts. What they learn in class forms the backbone of lifelong healthy habits, including fitness, health awareness, dedication, and discipline,” Liam said.

“We see many students enrol who struggle with focus and school work. As they overcome the challenges of Martial Arts training, we are delighted to see them find direction, focus and success in their school and sport life.”


VT1 has a 50/50 ratio of female to male students and coaches, because Liam and Dylan know the importance of having strong female role models in male dominated sports.

“One of our most popular classes now is the Kids and Parents class, where the family can train together. Families that bring Martial Arts into their lives find too many benefits to name, but most importantly it lets the kids know that that Mum and Dad are taking care of themselves, and vice-versa.”

The champion siblings are passionate about the local community, having spent their lives on the North Shore and in the Willoughby area. Supporting local initiatives and projects is a high priority for the academy and its students.

“We love that our students have a huge variety of backgrounds and experiences, as you can always learn something new from each other. There are a lot of young families in the area – including mine – so it’s allowed us to not only focus on our UFC athletes, but also on our Youth program, particularly the Mini Ninja’s program, where Parents train together with their kids,” Liam said.

His advice if you’re considering having a go? “Martial Arts are like clothes – they fit everybody differently so you need to find which is best for you.”

VT1 Programs are suitable for everybody, regardless of age, fitness or experience. Contact VT1 for a FREE 7-day-trial for Kids, or $10 for 7-day- unlimited-classes for Adults.

PLUS! Mention Willoughby Living on your trial visit for a special offer (or get two weeks’ of training for free!)


VT1 Martial Arts Academy

390 Eastern Valley Way, Unit 19B

Website: www.vt1mma.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/VT1Martialarts
Instagram: @vt1martialarts
Ph: 9417 1001