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A new family-run facility has opened at Lane Cove to assist us all to recycle. It’s the brainchild of brothers Mason and Brandon Barton, both in their early 20s. Here their proud mum Natalie Basalo gives us a rundown on Lane Cove Return and Earn.

Helping to save the planet and becoming involved with keeping our city beautiful is at the forefront of most families’ and businesses’ minds these days. Lane Cove Return and Earn aims to give all residents and businesses across Sydney a way to recycle containers and earn a refund to keep our economy going and pushing through these interesting times. Lane Cove Return and Earn is the only Return and Earn depot that covers Lane Cove,  North Shore, and all surrounding areas.

This facility can count any number of eligible containers and provides the customer with a 10c refund per container. Customers are also able to come directly to us at the depot and we will process their containers straight away. Our machines are able to process over 100 containers per minute, greatly reducing the amount of time customers have previously spent recycling and redeeming their refunds. Once the containers are processed our facility gives cash to the customer on the spot. 

Additionally, we provide another service to residents and businesses of Sydney. This being a home collection service. Customers can sign up via our website and receive a 240L bin for them to fill with eligible containers. Once they have filled their bins with the eligible containers they schedule a collection and we swap their full bin for an empty bin. Once the eligible containers are put through our machine back at the depot we are then able to deposit the refund for the total amount they have earned into a nominated bank account. It is a 10 cent refund per eligible container. To provide this service residents pay an annual bin fee of $50, which goes towards maintaining, collecting, and cleaning the bins.


We want to help all families recycle and it is also a great way for the children to earn pocket money and to make a difference in our environment. In these uncertain times of Covid 19, this facility is able to provide residents of Sydney with an additional way to earn some extra money.

We look forward to having you at Lane Cove Return and Earn.

Lane Cove Return and Earn is now open at 67 Mars Rd Lane Cove West 

email: info@lanecovereturnandearn.com.au

website: www.lanecovereturnandearn.com.au