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Nora Anderson Dieppe

“Millie came to us when she was a puppy. I find new homes for all the foster greyhounds that come to stay with me, but I kept Millie. When greyhounds are bred they’re usually left without supervision in a fenced field from a young age with all the other dogs. Lots of injuries happen to the little ones – bites and broken bones – and they’re not often picked up until more damage is done. They can turn septic quickly and sometimes amputations are necessary. And of course then the dog is no good for racing. That’s when we have to step in and rescue them. The way I run my rescue is by taking in one injured or sick greyhound at a time and running the bills through Mosman Vet or the specialist vets, and the total bill amount is fundraised for. I fund any foster care costs such as food, toys, bedding, worming and flea treatment, but I definitely need assistance with the larger vet bill costs. Mosman Vet is amazing and always gives me a foster discount. And there are some great advances being made for the amputees. Millie is one of the very first dogs in Australia to have a prosthetic leg! And she’s fine with it. It’s amazing that this is now available for dogs and just one of the many positives when it comes to rescuing greyhounds – sure there are some sad stories but there are some great outcomes too. I’ve fostered and cared for over 10 greyhounds. All have found their forever homes.”