Gardening Service

My name is Harry and I am a local, reaching out to anyone needing their garden serviced. Uni is coming to an end for me, and these holidays I want to dedicate time to work. For the past year I’ve gained experience working as a gardener and labourer and am confident that I can provide you with a well-rounded service, including:
– Lawn mowing
– Line twinning
– Pruning
– Weeding
– Blowing
– Cleaning up garden beds

Every fortnight (or whenever you like), I will service your garden at an agreed upon price that is affordable for you, but also aligned to my work ethic. (To give you an idea on prices, I aim at $50 an hour, but like to charge per job so you know exactly what you’re getting each time).
Please text or call me at 0409398590 so we can get your garden serviced as soon as possible.