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studio high street

Becoming a staple for Willoughby locals. Known for achieving tangible results.

It started out with just a few simple principles for Olivia Hammerschmidt when opening Studio High Street in November 2019. She wanted to help people reach their movement potential, to create a warm and fun exercise environment, to offer science based, results driven methods; all at a price point that was sustainable.

“We are really welcoming,” said Olivia, referring to her boutique Pilates and movement studio, “Everyone jokes around, we always have a laugh and get silly. We make it fun and actually get results.” And you only have to take a quick glance over Studio High Street’s google reviews to know Olivia and her team are pretty serious about results.

studio high street

Building body symmetry, becoming stronger, shredding body fat and gaining muscle; many clients of all ages, shapes and sizes are reporting their bodies having been completely transformed.

“We are very personalized,” said Olivia, when asked what her secret is, “tailoring exercises to individual clients—their goals, injuries and activities.” It is this personalized approach that maximizes results. Studio High Street instructors are all connected to each client’s points of view across every class. This is why Olivia has set an 8-person class limit, to be able to maintain the integrity of this style.


Goal setting is something Studio High Street expects will be different for everyone. By using the latest science-based principles such as progressive overload and resistance training, “It’s everyone against themselves.” Said Olivia. One client could be aiming for better posture, while another wants to enter the Tough Mudder. This goal was set by a 49-year-old female member who ended up winning the event this past March.

“We get a lot of runners, skiers, golfers…” said Olivia, who is well aware of the injuries caused in these activities when people don’t have proper body symmetry or activity specific training. With ski season fast approaching, Olivia’s two weekly ski specific classes are filling up. Both offering support with strengthening client’s VMO (Vastus Medialis Oblique), inner thighs, glutes and maximizing endurance. “We see a lot of knee injuries during ski season,” Olivia said, noting Pilates as the international gold standard in athletic conditioning and injury rehabilitation.

studio high street
Studio owner Olivia Hammerschmidt

Year-round Studio High Street are supporting runners in the local community who either come in with running injuries and need a way back to the pavement, or runners wanting to stay in good form for longevity. The weekly “bounce” class on a rebounder gives runners another option to achieve the same euphoria and endorphins they get from running, with lower impact on the joints.

While there is lots on offer, many members report that Studio High Street is good for their
sanity. They enjoy the warm natural light and crossflow of breeze through the large terrace bi-fold windows, a peaceful leafy green outlook with a down to earth community vibe and mindful exercises.

Says Olivia, “You can’t think about your dinner or whatever you’ve got to do at work, because you’re 100% listening. Pilates Reformer is very much mindful movement, integrating the body and mind with the breath. People often call it ‘intelligence exercise’ as it is not simply mindless movements.

Studio High Street
The Ice Works – 183 – 191 High Street North Willoughby  (Suite 1, Level 1 above Dose café)