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Prim, Shack, HomeHQ Artarmon

“I’ve worked at Shack for ten years, most recently at HomeHQ in Artarmon. Anyone that comes to work here never leaves; it’s such a lovely place to be. I moved to Crows Nest thirteen years ago and love the area. My house was built in 1896. There are lots of cafes and restaurants – per capita it has more eateries than anywhere in Australia. Shack customers recognise me all the time when I’m out walking the dogs! When I’m not working at Shack I look after my grandchildren and my great-niece, Mia, who has Batten Disease. It’s a rare and debilitating genetic disease. She was born healthy and developed normally until she started getting seizures when she was two. Now at 7 she can’t walk, talk or feed herself. She’s also blind. Her mother, my niece, Peta, is an inspiration. She created Bounce 4 Batten which is a National Awareness Day. She also gave a talk at TedX Sydney about finding hope in hopelessness. I encourage you to watch it online but have a box of tissues handy. The team at Shack have been so supportive of my time with Mia and Bounce 4 Batten. When the owner, Julie, heard that there was a fundraiser in Singapore (where Mia and her family were living at the time of her diagnosis) that I couldn’t attend, she generously made it possible for me to go.”

Photo: Kirsten Delaney