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Robin Vonk, Castle Cove Anglican Church

“I’m the pastor at Castle Cove Anglican Church. Until we started in 2013, there had been no church meetings here for many years. It was essentially an abandoned building – it felt like they had just closed the doors 15 years ago and left. We had an advantage when we started that we were truly local, doing something for the people of this community. There’s been a generational shift over the past 10 or 15 years, a lot of families are moving in. Part of my job is to make people feel uncomfortable – I have to confront them with important questions about life, about death, about their relationship with God. I’m also a volunteer Scripture teacher at Castle Cove Public School, and now my eldest children go there. It’s a great school community. You almost leave Sydney when you enter Castle Cove – there’s something about Eastern Valley Way and Boundary Street that makes it feel like its own island. I’m known for my jogging around the area – if you see me, honk your horn!”

Photo: Kirsten Delaney