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Sandwich lovers rejoice! Sandoitchi will bring its cult-followed Japanese sandwiches to Chatswood next month…

If you’re a fan of anything slapped between two slices of bread, then you’ve likely heard of Sandoitchi. The cult-followed Japanese café from Darlinghurst is finally crossing the bridge and opening its second store in Chatswood Chase on March 11.

Introducing Japanese sandwiches to the whole of Sydney is a long-term dream for chef and founder Bhas Pureephat, who decided to expand to the Lower North Shore where many of his regular customers live.  

“Growing up in Thailand and Japan exposed me to both Asian and Western cultures,” Pureephat reflects. “Walking around Chatswood and talking to people always brings back those memories.”

The philosophy at Sandoitchi is straightforward: “to bring simple sandwiches that are exciting and fun with traditional techniques and locally sourced ingredients.” Those techniques are based on Japan’s iconic convenience store sandos, which consist of fluffy milk bread filled with the likes of katsu, wagyu and scrambled eggs.

Pureephat lists his most popular sandwiches as the prawns and sweet corn with yuzu mayonnaise and mustard on soft white bread, or the strawberry sando with fresh berries and yuzu whipped cream. 

“In Japan, you can order fruit sandos everywhere, from food vending machines to luxury restaurants,” he says. “It is very impressive that a sandwich can be so involved throughout the life of Japanese people. For instance, we celebrate Christmas with strawberry cake or strawberry sandwiches, make egg sandos for kids’ lunches, and buy sandwiches as a souvenir or gifts from train stations in the city to the countryside.”

Almost everyone has a theory on what makes a perfect Japanese sando. Pureephat believes it’s about nailing the ratio of marinated meat, breadcrumbs, vegetables and Japanese sauces, then carefully assembling the ingredients on daily baked white bread.

Besides sandwiches, Sandoitchi also serves the same fillings in poke-bowl form with brown rice, soba noodles or cabbage. The bowls come topped with teriyaki sashimi salmon, pork or eggplant katsu, grilled chicken, scrambled eggs and tofu, among others. 

You can also grab Single O coffee, iced matcha, yuzu iced teas, fresh smoothies and local sodas to go. 

You can try it all for yourself when Sandoitchi opens in Chatswood Chase in late February. Keep an eye on their socials below for updates…



Where: Chatswood Chase

Opening Hours: TBC

Website: https://www.sandoitchi.com.au/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sandoitchicafe 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sandoitchicafe