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Come You Spirits Theatre Company recently performed Shakespeare at the Haven Amphitheatre at Castlecrag to delighted audiences. Now they’re heading inside the incredible tunnels of the Coal Loader for Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth!

Come you Spirits are a theatre troupe on a quest to find and perform Shakespeare in unique spaces that have their own stories to share. And they’ve found one of our local best in the dramatic and fascinating Coal Loader Tunnels at Waverton. 

The shows have been adapted to the space for a wholehearted immersive experience.

“We’ve accented the magic within the text and set an intention to create work that is designed to be life affirming and to uplift the spirit,” says Come You Spirit’s Jo Bloom.

The performances may even have some health benefits!

“Sound healing has become a popular modality to improve physical and emotional health and well-being,” says Jo. “Cultures the world over have used these practices for thousands of years. We have taken the principals of sound healing and worked with amazing international composer Brandon Read to create a soundscape to take the audience on a journey using music designed to match the specific frequencies of each of the energy centres (chakras).

“The soundscape is also supported by incorporating large stones to reflect and resonate sound in the space. We’ve drawn on the practice used in ancient temples where giant stones ensure sound is not just heard, but that it is an experience felt throughout the body.”

The tunnel and 25 chambers of The Coal Loader make for a magical and ominous space. Romeo & Juliet will be performed during the afternoon and Macbeth in the evening on the same day. Come You Spirits encourages audience members to attend both shows. Each performance is 1.5 hours long and the audience will be on foot, moving throughout the space led by the actors.

The natural landscape is celebrated with most of the acting taking place across the tunnel space with the actors on various levels, and the more intimate moments and speeches of the play inside the chambers.

“Full of dynamic pace, movement and complex characters, these shows are fast, furious and full of heart,” says Jo. And audiences agree, with some amazing feedback:

“Stunning performance…A totally immersive and spiritual experience. I highly recommend” –Mayor Tanya Taylor (Willoughby Mayor) 

“We came to see you do Romeo and Juliet today and it was absolutely brilliant. Every part of the  production from the setting to the staging to the sound and of course to the fabulous performances. Couldn’t recommend it more highly.”  – Anna-Louise Bouvier 

“The most engaging Shakespeare I’ve ever seen. Hands down.” – Syl Marie, Photographer  

Romeo & Juliet/Macbeth

Where: The Coal Loader, Waverton

When: Saturday August 27, 2022. Romeo & Juliet – 3pm. Macbeth – 6.30pm.

Booking: www.comeyouspirits.com

Who are Come You Spirits? 

“Come You Spirits is a troupe based in North Sydney, touring Australia giving a fresh voice to the greatest stories that have stood the test of time. We’re four experienced professional actors who have worked internationally and across Australia, seasoned in Shakespeare and classical theatre, film and TV. We are Jo Bloom (The British Shakespeare Company, Australian Shakespeare Company), Charles Mayer (Pop-Up Globe, ANZAC Girls), Sontaan Hopson (Risen, Atomic Kingdom), and Alec Ebert (God of Carnage, Of Mice and Men), plus composer Brandon Read who has also worked internationally and across Australia. 

We’ve taken a unique approach to performance – uniting ancient tradition and the basic human energies of the heart, the masculine and feminine, drive, truth, vision, our connection to the land and the pursuit of something greater. Working with Chi energy, the human chakra energies and the energy of the space and land we perform on to create an experience to jolt us out of a sleepy haze. 

Shakespeare has included so much ancient wisdom and knowledge of the universe into his writing. Our goal is to share this with audiences as witnesses to the magic and recipients of the energy.”

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