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If you’re a fan of the song “Run to Paradise”, you’ll love this upcoming event where you’ll not only learn the song, but singalong with the artist responsible for The Choirboys hit, Mark Gable.

Sip N Sing is a new social singing activity for adults (18+) with the emphasis on fun. You won’t be following the words on a screen like karaoke, you’ll be SINGING LIVE with real musicians as part of a contemporary Rock Choir.

If you love to sing, you’ll love Sip N Sing…and be the rockstar you’ve always dreamed of!

Social Singing with a Sip of Courage

Hosted at Crows Nest local institution Big Music, you’ll join a group of like-minded adult music lovers, share a drink or two (BYO), then sing and record unique arrangements of legendary songs.

No matter how good at singing you are, there’s a spot for you and your friends in Sip N Sing. While showing you melodies and harmonies, professional singers and coaches will guide you in the right direction with your singing, and to the bar!

Previous events include “Under the Milky Way” with Steve Kilbey from The Church and other exciting artists are planned for the future.

Sip N Sing to “Run to Paradise” on August 19

Baby, you were always gonna be the one
You only ever did it just for fun
But you run to paradise

If the lyrics above don’t get you humming we don’t know what will! The next Sip N Sing event features Aussie classic “Run to Paradise” with special guest, The Choirboys Lead Singer, Mark Gable. One of the most loved and played songs by radio stations and music fans across this country, this is not to be missed, book now!

For more information see the following links:

Website: www.sipnsing.com.au/
Ticket Bookings: www.sipnsing.com.au/book-online
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sipnsing1